Tuesday, December 9, 2014

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S1 E10
The case-of-the-week was rather interesting this time around with a con man acting British and tricking a woman to marry him so he could steal her family's money. He wasn't in on the ruse alone either. He had an accomplice and together they fell in love. Too bad the con man fell out of love with the con woman and fell in love with the rich woman. So when the con man wanted to come clean he ended up being killed by the lawyer of the rich girl's dad who was also in love with the rich girl. Make sense? Good.

It was nice to see Blair Brown (Fringe) on my screen again. I hope she does walk those 20 blocks to see Abe for coffee. She was his first kiss after all. As for the flashback we find out what happens when Henry is found out by someone and how they have to pack up and leave. It affected Abe's life as well. But Abe is a player because only players go to a funeral to puck up chicks. Jo knows Henry is hiding something, but she's okay waiting until he's ready to come clean.

The episode ended with Henry being kidnapped by Adam and we have no idea why or what Adam will do to him. But one thing is for sure, he can't kill him.

Don't forget tonight is the midseason finale and I heard that Adam will be revealed. I read an interesting theory that I'm going to share with you. Someone thinks Jo's dead husband is Adam. Wouldn't that be interesting.

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