Monday, December 8, 2014

Chicago Fire S3 Midseason Finale Review

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S3 E10
For a second there I thought Casey cheated on Dawson. Too bad he didn't. It would have been an easy out for Dawson. Now we just have to wait and see if they will/won't break up. It's funny to me that Casey blamed Dawson for their troubles by saying she can't handle being his fiance and candidate simultaneously. I was shocked because I'm pretty sure it's the other way around, which was pretty evident from the previous episode before this and Casey was ignoring Dawson because he was upset Dawson didn't listen to his command. It might be just me, but I don't think Casey can handle being in this type of relationship where there are duel roles. Dawson is already thinking about how things were much simpler when they were just friends, so maybe they'll go back to being just that. I sure hope they do.

Peter Mills and Brett are now MIA and it has to do with the father, who lost his child in the previous episode. The man really needs to let things go. It was no one's fault. I'm surprised he didn't go after the doctors that treated his son that would be more plausible. I mean, usually no one knows the people who bring the sick and hurt to the hospital. When someone dies the doctor tells the loved ones. I'm just saying if I'm going after anyone, it's the doctor (think Grey's Anatomy).

Molly's II is no more. I'm going to miss that truck. We didn't even get to see it in action. Never mind I take that back. We did see it in action and destroying everything in its path. At least they gave it away for a good cause--help the soup kitchen.

Boden and his wife had a baby and it was pretty quick too. All I'm saying is traffic couldn't have been that bad that they were stuck in it for 16 hours (average of labor). It would have been night time by the time they got to the hospital. Anyway I hate these scenes in general. They make me queasy and think that if I ever do become pregnant just knock me out with drugs. Boden and his wife were fighting over the hyphening of the last name the wife wanted. Boden is a traditional man and doesn't want to give up the tradition of the kids having the man's last name. This is BS. I am totally for hyphening last names. This tradition could go away for all I care. He tries to justify it with himself by comparing it to the Thanksgiving turkey. When I heard him say that all I could think was "I hate turkey, we should do away with that tradition too!" I would totally rather have ham. There is nothing wrong with hyphening. As long as you both agree it should matter, but I am totally hyphening my future child's last name. There is such a thing as new traditions and not all traditions should be kept. The baby is in critical danger since he was having breathing problems. We'll just have to wait and see if they baby survives on Jan 6th.

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