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S1 E7
I want to know what normal people wine taste like. As I try to figure out how to get my hands on some, lets recap what happened 2 weeks ago on this adorable show.

Usually it's so easy to root for a couple in most love triangles, but in this show it's really hard to choose. Yes, of course I want Rafael and Jane to be together, but Michael isn't a bad guy either. Actually anytime he was in a scene I always thought he was on the brink of crying. It was really sad to watch, but even he got some in the end. I just wasn't expecting it to be with his partner.

Like like daughter, like mother since Xo also is starting a love triangle of his own and with this one I really can't decide. I love Rogelio just the way he is (#pleasefindjane), but did you see the hunk Xo was talking to? Plus, he's sweet and has a kid of his own so he gets it. If Xo can't be with Rogelio because she's scared of ruining Jane's relationship with him, then I am perfectly happy with her settling for him.

Petra basically Stockholm syndromed the Czech, which I have to say was very clever and something I did not see coming. But I still think  it would have been easier to just kill him with the peanut allergy and then make it look like an accident. But hey, if they can use in the process, then why not. I just don't like how Rafael is being brought down by her mess. So he's fired and is going to Mexico. That puts a damper on things for the lovebirds.

Speaking of Jane and Rafael, aren't they the cutest thing you ever did see. I love how Jane tried to respect Michael's feelings in the situation, but Rafael's right, she doesn't have that much time left to be selfish. And what a romantic evening they had. Can't wait to see what happens next for this couple.

S1 E3
*Correction: Last recap I said a guy was watching her and that was true. I just failed to realize the guy was Nick.

So the case-of-the-week was about 20 girls being kidnapped in Nigeria, but the US didn't want to get involved because we needed good relations with China since China was doing dealings in Nigeria. It worked out in the end when US saved the girls using the private sector so that China didn't have to deal with the kidnappers in the area.

Seems like Charlie is making an enemy out of Navarro since she keeps on going behind his back. We also find out that Nick isn't behind the texts, but he has a gun stashed away and it was covered with a cloth. Most likely to prevent fingerprints. What is he up to?

I have to say, I'm kind of losing interest in this show. Something needs to happen tonight for me to stick around.

S7 E9
Now that is what I call a fun case. So the victim was Bruce Willis and he just finished shooting his stint on The Expendables. I love how this show imitates life. Turns out the victim was trying to good by saving his own kid and when the mother found out she had him killed since she was already married to another actor and didn't want the truth of the real baby-daddy coming out.

On the home front, Beckett moves out of her apartment officially. Even though Castle didn't like the place all that much, Beckett created memories there. I guess she wanted to leave her mark because she inscribed her initials in the place. I liked the little moment between Lanie and Kate. We need to see more girl time. I'm still waiting for a Kate and Alexis centric episode. Also, watching Castle act like a little school boy is always too cute for words.

Tonight is the last episode of the year and it's a Christmas episode, so make sure you watch.

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