Friday, February 27, 2015

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S1 E6
Last episode, Cole had to save Cassie without running into himself so he teamed up with Cassie's ex, Aaron, to help save her. It didn't even seem like Cassie needed any help since she basically took off and ran from her kidnappers. I thought that was way too easy especially when she was under the influence, but whatever. At least Aaron knows Cassie isn't crazy so now Cassie has someone other than Cole to help her in 2015.

Once Cole saves Cassie 2043 is corrected and he returns back to the people he knows. At least we know now that if Cassie dies, Ramse becomes in charge of the West 7.

It's revealed that Cole has a limited amount of splintering he can do before it kills him. I'm guessing the limit is how long this show will go for. Next stop, Operation Troy.

S3 E7
Okay people it seems I've got my blondes mixed up. It happens sometimes. Emily is Brock's ex-wife, while Lisa is Emmett's widow. Either way, both blondes are dumb because they keep helping out the bad guys of the story. Lisa dies in the end, but I think it's a good thing because she seemed dead already. At least this way she can be with Emmett. Emily is an idiot and a nympho so who cares what happens to her. If she honestly thinks she can change Proctor than she's a bigger idiot than I thought. This won't end well for her.

This was a pretty slow episode except for the heist which was executed beautifully. I love how they shot the scenes for it. Made me think like I was in it with them. Reminds me of GTA V.

Hood is seeing Siobhan everywhere he goes. It's so bad that it almost messed up the heist. Now Job won't even talk to him because it could have cost him his life. Anastasia and Gordon had to deal with Deva. Seriously girl if your boyfriend pulls out a gun on your father, you have to think maybe you're not hanging around the right group. I thought when they got home, she would have been yelled at for a couple of hours, but nope they just had sex in the kitchen instead, you know like normal parents do. Deva might be right about her parents only caring when convenient. We did get to see a kickass scene of parents kicking teenagers asses. I bet that's what every parent dreams about.

I'm keep telling you Rebecca is a sly fox. She'll gut you when she gets the chance. She's already working behind her uncle's back. I'm telling you if anyone is going to kill Proctor it will most likely be her.

Brock and Hood are going to New Orleans to track down Chayton. Did you stick around after the credits? The colonel looked pissed. He definitely won't take this lying down.

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