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S1 E13
I definitely wasn't disappointed with Cicely Tyson. She brought her A game and I knew she would. Anna Mae Annalise and why she is the way she is. Annalise didn't grow up in what you would call a happy home. Ophelia made it sound like rape was a common occurrence to the women. Annalise was raped by her uncle, who died in a fire set by Ophelia. Annalise may not think her mother should win any mother of the year awards, but one thing she can't deny is her mother protecting her at all costs. I think this shows hope to Annalise and proof that if her mother could get away with murder maybe so can she. Anytime there was a scene between Tyson and Davis, they had my undivided attention. I don't know how they commanded it, but they just did. Through their scenes together, we found out a lot about them.

This brings me to my problem for the episode. What's with all the sexism? I just kept thinking Ophelia was just stuck in her old ways and that's why she thinks men only take things and women care, nurture, and love things and given the fact of how she grew up and only strengthens her accusations, but I understand why she thinks that way even though it's not true. Not all men are takers and not all women are nurturers. Then you have the case-of-the-week which deals with a female nurse raping a male patient. I thought it was a great case when I heard it, but was disappointed when I found out it was all a set up so the hospital's lawyer and the patient, who happen to be lovers, would get a payout. This had so much potential to showcase a rape case where the male is the victim, but it just turned into another female is the victim. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad the case was dropped in the end because she was innocent, I just wish the writers went there and showed that men can be rape victims as well.

In other news: Annalise wants to be Nate's lawyer; Wes doesn't trust Rebecca because she lied about what happened to Rudy; Rebecca has a tracking device on Wes's phone (weird to the extreme!); Connor let's the group meet his boyfriend (I'm pretty sure they're going out now, especially when the bf said "I love you" to Connor); Michaela is worried about Nate because she doesn't like setting up an innocent man; Bonnie won her 1st case without Annalise and celebrated by having sex with Asher in the parking garage (WTF!); and Laurel is a great liar, who knows Wes/Rebecca situation.

Tonight's episode will be the 2 hour finale so make sure you watch because it will start an hour earlier than usual. You know this season finale will be a roller coaster. Expect a review afterwards.

Not Showing This Week

S2 E12
Why do Ressler and Keen always get caught? I'm shocked that everyone decides to keep them alive. They seriously should be dead by now. Anyway the case-of-the-week was quite interesting. A cult gets murdered in their own backyard by the boys that were excommunicated. The logic was really flawed. Small group of people, probably all related, having kids. The men would take 3 wives and it just so happens that the population was skewed male. So bye, bye went some boys, but they would eventually take revenge on what their leader did to them. Polygamy, pedophilia, and incest, I wasn't really crying a river when the leader and the adults got killed. The children did make it out alive though so there may be hope for them (with a lot of therapy).

We still don't know what Cooper has, but it's very bad, so bad, he needed to get in a trial, which a friend hooks him up with. As for the safe that Red was looking for he found it along with the help of his DMV buddy (they make a funny duo) and inside was a card. The eppy ends with Red calling the number and talking to someone.

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