Monday, February 23, 2015

Hart Of Dixie S4 E6 Diary

Dear Diary,

I hear that Blue Bell will be teaming up with Fillmore to host a football game. They have to win the bid first, but Mayor Hayes would never go for it on account of his hatred for Fillmore that's why the entrepreneurs of Blue Bell have elected Lemon to talk to Lavon for them. We'll see how that goes.

I was walking on my own one night and saw AB and George talking to each other for a brief moment. We got me thinking is they exchanged a few words and then I felt like there was an awkward turtle between them. I only mention it because the next day I saw them run into each other again and this time it was hella awkward to the point that now I know why. They want to bang. It's so obvious, but I thought AB wasn't over Lavon yet and it looked like Tansy and George were spending a lot of time together. Blue Bell should be renamed Swingers, where everyone dates each other eventually.

I wasn't invited to the Fillmore birthday party, but when am I ever invited to anything in Fillmore. However, if there is free booze, you know I'll be there. I crashed the party. AB came with Lavon and Tansy came with George. Since Scooter is dancing with some hag, I'm guessing Tansy and him broke up. But I kept on noticing George and AB looking at each other. Giving each other the eye. Then all of sudden they start yelling at each other like they usually do nowadays and then go back to their partners for the night. Eventually I saw AB run off so I thought the party was over.

As I was walking home, I noticed Dr. B talking to some chick that wasn't Shelby. In the distance, Lemon was just staring at the woman. Who is she?

Luv ya,

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