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S2 E16
Stef and Lena find themselves alone at home last week, so they decided to take advantage of the situation and take some we time. It didn't end the way they wanted it to unless you count an emotional orgasm as an orgasm. How many times did Stef use that line on Mike and gotten away with it? I know I don't. I believe the Ana adoption is still on the table, but it seems like they are leaning towards no adoption since they don't want to lose sight of each other. There would be less we and more baby if they decide to adopt.

Brandon and Mariana go to a pharm party. I never heard of this kind of party, but even though it sounds fun I would definitely not try anything because I know anything I take would leave me feeling nauseous. Someone's Little Sister was performing and the group decided to give all their earnings to Brandon so he could go on tour with them, but that never happened since Mariana got stuck in a storage unit and had to call the paramedics because she found a girl who ended up seizing in the unit with her. Mariana made the right call.

The group didn't want Mariana to go on tour with them and finally her boyfriend told her the truth. I definitely wouldn't have said it as nicely as he did. Also, Brandon told his girlfriend that it wasn't cool for her to get high; he was worried about her and she wasn't used to someone caring so much.

Callie dropped a bomb on Stef and Lena when she told them she wanted to go live with her old man. I'm guessing she doesn't want to cause anymore trouble for Stef and her job and it seems like this kidnapping incident isn't going away anytime soon. Sad, really. But if you want some happy news, it seems as if Callie might start something with her boss. He's a cutie.

In other news, Jesus was offered a scholarship to an all boy school. It's highly prestigious and I think he should go. Jude and Mike were MIA this episode, but maybe they will be in tonight's eppy. They said in the last episode Jude went on another group date. You know what that means--pinkies!

Also, I noticed I'm not the only one that speculated the principal of the school might be gay. That's just drama waiting to happen.

Not Showing This Week

S7 E15
Castle was at its best last time with its 3XK and now that chapter has come to a close. There were some red herrings, but that was to be expected since 3XK likes to mess with Castle's head and he did tell him he wanted to watch Castle die over and over again. So Castle had to get smart and outsmart the man. Battle of wits commence!

I liked that Gates actually served a purpose as small as it may have been. Beckett follows the evidence, but Castle follows the story. In other words, Beckett + Castle = evidence + motive. This is what leads Castle to outwit 3XK.

Beckett was being held up by the Doc, who wanted to Beckett's features so she could use it for herself. In my mind I was thinking who was going to perform the procedure. I thought she was the best and left no scars. Man that would have been weird if Castle started to actually sleep with the enemy. It would be Fringe all over again. Who's to say she didn't do the procedure and Beckett really is dead (plot twist!)

In the end, Castle made 3XK think he was in control the whole time when Castle was just leading him on. Esposito snipes 3XK from the distance. People wondered why didn't he take the head shot because he had enough time to shoot Castle well that's because they wanted 3XK to know he was being played the whole time. Beckett ended getting loose and killed the Doc. Anyone else liked the music they played when Beckett held the Doc's arm?

This show does a great job when it goes dark. I wish we had more episodes when they do, although I don't mind the fun ones either.

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