Tuesday, February 24, 2015

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S1 E15
Case-of-the-week: A man dies due to radiation and it turns out this man is royalty. In the end, a man who stamped passports for a living killed the victim because of what his royal family did to him. Apparently, it wasn't all sunshine where they lived. The murderer tried to kill the whole royal family i.e. his wife, the illegitimate daughter, and his grandchild. When you go after babies that's just wrong. However, Jo and Henry were there to stop him.

Meanwhile, now that Abe knows his real name, he tracked down his entire bloodline. The remarkable thing is Henry and Abe are related. Abe's bloodline goes all the way back to Henry's uncle, so they share one of Henry's grandparents. It was a really cute moment and I'm glad they can really call each other their actual kin.

Flashback: Henry and Abigail honeymooned on the Orient Express and Henry finally decided he did want to have a child with Abigail. I wonder what happened there.

Remember Iona the dominatrix? Well she's back tonight! So glad the decided to have her back.

Not Showing This Week

S4 E15
After 2 weeks of just Finch and Reese (like back in the days season 1), I have come to realize this show has definitely grown from the duo. It just isn't the same without Root and Shaw. I understand Shaw not being there and all, but you at least have to give me Root. Luckily for us, she showed up at the last minute to save Finch.

Case-of-the-week: A worker bee during the day and a MMA fighter at night is the target of the week when she learns a Siri type app is giving back answers that could lead to someone dying just so companies can make a buck. The owner was behind it all.

I noticed now that anytime something goes bad in this show, I always blame Samaritan even when it's not her fault. I just automatically assume it, but as we saw last week with the school, Samaritan isn't all bad. It does do some good. It's just that Samaritan makes decisions for us and that's what I don't like. So even though this case started as a regular case-of-the-week, it really wasn't as we saw in the end when Samaritan took advantage of the company by saving it before it went under for the poor decisions of the owner. Now Samaritan is the new Siri.

For most of this episode, Finch and Reese are separated. Reese dealing with the number while Finch dealt with a previous number--Claire. This was pretty funny to me because right before she revealed herself to still be working for Samaritan, I said to myself, "If she's still lying I'm going to be totally upset" and I was upset. She may start having doubts now that she knows she's expendable, but she's cried wolf too many times and me thinks it will bite her in the ass in the end. I didn't know if Root would show up to save Finch, but that's all I could hope for and luckily that's exactly what happened.

It seems since Shaw is gone they've been having guest stars to come back and I like it. I'm hoping that great coder that Finch gave a code to him to solve from way back when comes back too. I still wonder what happened to him.

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