Sunday, February 22, 2015

Reign S2 E15 Diary

Dear Diary,

At least I didn't have to set up a party this time. Instead, I had to set up a funeral that I couldn't even attend. Well, it's not like I liked the guy, so whatever.

Why do I have to be the one to help out with another party? Why is there always a frickin party to prepare? Ahh! While I was setting up Antoine's room I noticed him flirting with Lady Kenna. He wants her to decorate his room. If I was given that much money, I would take it and run. Bash will not be happy about his wife spending time with that douche. Apparently Bash left the castle to find the healer in a town. He really does try to save irrelevant people, but I guess all people need to be saved.

While I was attending to the guests, I saw Lady Lola on something very heavy. I've never seen her and careless. I kinda like her this way. Whatever she took, needs to be a daily occurrence. I heard she's supposed to meet the parents of her son's future wife. Good luck to her.

Kenna came in with one dress and during the middle of the party she switches into another. This girl is just asking for an annulment or at least relationship like the one Francis and Mary have at the moment.

I heard while everyone was here for the party, Francis and Mary were going to get their groove on in the castle, but I saw Francis at the party without Mary. Maybe they forget how to do it because it's been so long.

You can always count on Bash to ruin a party. He was never into them, Antoine never sent the letter Kenna sent to Bash and I'm guessing Bash got fed up waiting for Kenna.

I swear, if there is another party I have to prepare for, I'll be the next person to go mad in this castle.

Luv ya,

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