Sunday, October 4, 2015

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S1 E1
Okay I had no hope for this and knew nothing about this show except for the fact it had something to do with oil meaning millionaires were involved.

Blood & Oil managed to keep my attention for the whole episode and did a pretty decent job in ratings because I thought it would tank (Sundays are hard). Basically the episode went like this: A down on his luck guy manages to buy property that is needed to access land filled with oil. He makes a deal with the richest guy in town and now the guy and his wife are millionaires with a baby on the way. Pretty simple, right?

I'm hoping this show doesn't run out of steam because it could definitely be a replacement for those who liked Dallas.

It was good enough to get a poster, but we'll see if it's good enough to get a poster on the slideshow tonight.

S1 E1
I started watching Quantico knowing nothing about it and a couple of minutes in thought it was going to be some type of Grey's Anatomy type show, but for the FBI.  I didn't get too into before turning it off and returning to work, but I kept reading how good it was. I always give a show a shot so I knew I was going to finish the pilot eventually, but I wasn't looking forward to it. After I finished the show, I can now say it's one of my favorite premieres this season. It was so good I even got posters for it.

Quick summary: A new recruit finds herself in trouble when someone in her unit sets her up. Apparently, she bombed Grand Central in New York. Now, she must rethink who was lying in her unit the whole time.

I'm actually really looking forward to this tonight. It seems like this will be a very serial show and you know I love that. I was surprised at how many people died or will die in the premiere, which means this show isn't afraid to take risks and kill people off and the twins were the biggest shock to me out of everything.

I don't have a theory yet, but I'm definitely already a fan and you don't have to worry about this one getting cancelled (it beat Once Upon A Time).

P.S. Love that they got an Indian lead. Diversity is always a win.

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