Sunday, October 4, 2015

Empire Music

Hey People,

Okay so I'm starting to find some of the songs that aren't on the album; however, I still managed to miss 2 that will be on the album so I'm posting them now even though they were in the premiere episode because they are worth a listen to.

I heard this in the premiere and I just couldn't find it for some reason, but here it is now.

"Same Song" - Bre-Z

I knew this song existed, but I was waiting for it to drop during the show, but I didn't hear it play. Apparently, it did. I must have missed it. I was waiting for Pitbull to show up. Anyway, it's here now so have a listen to it. 

"No Doubt About It" - Pittbull & Jussie Smollett

It's good to have Tiana back in the mix on the show. Since Serayah has been bumped up to a regular, I hope they start using her more. Didn't even know girl could move like that.

"Get No Better (2.0)" - Serayah

Okay when I first heard this song, I knew I wanted this on my must hear list. I do wish they went with a lower voice with the auto tune, but this'll do. 

"Born To Love U" - Jussie Smollett

I don't mind having a clam and soft song like this one. Apparently Ne-yo produced and wrote the song. I actually prefer Ne-yo producing Jussie's songs because when he does, he's mindful of Jussie's range and it's better on the ears, in my opinion.

"Sorry Just Don't Cut It" - Jussie Smollett

I didn't know who Becky G was and I'm not a fan of her character on the show, but she did have a good enough song to land her on the list. I can't believe this girl is only 18. 

"Do It" - Becky G

Luv ya,

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