Monday, October 5, 2015

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I checked out Minority Report to see if it would get better and it's still an alright show, but the ratings for it is anything but alright. I don't think it will last that much longer, but it was a nice try and I hope that Meagan Good can find a show that can actually last more than 5 episodes.

S8 E2
If you haven't read my rant yet, I highly suggest that you check it out.

The showrunners have suggested that fans wait until episode 7 titled "Mr. and Mrs. Castle" before judging. I think the damage has already been done, but since I've come this far, I might as well keep going, but I have my doubts. If by episode 7 I still think this season is a lost cause, I have no problem dropping Castle. The ratings aren't that great for it anymore anyways.

I read that Castle will basically try to win Beckett back and I have no idea why he has to grovel for her to stay. She's the one that just made a huge mistake, she's the one that should be begging for his forgiveness when she finally realizes how stupid she's being and even then I say Castle should still divorce her ass.

Someone suggested to me that Castle & Beckett should have gone into the P.I. business together, which would have definitely been better than the way this story is going.

S1 E2
So Jane Doe might be this Taylor Swift Shaw person that was kidnapped 25 years ago by Weller's father, allegedly. She's the right age and apparently has the right scar. There was a blood test taken and hopefully we get to see the results tonight.

Meanwhile, the tattoo-of-the-week (see what I did there?) led our team to who I think was a good guy. It just that he believed the ends justifies the means. A pilot wanted to stop a drone program that lead to innocent Americans being killed. He wanted to make it public so the program would be shut down, but he went about it the wrong way by killing the people behind the program with their own drone. Obviously, the team caught the guy in time before he blew up their own building and saved a little girl in the mix.

Jane had another flashback of killing a nun, who I don't think was a nun at all. She questioned whether she was a good person in her previous life. Does your past define you? Can a good person do bad things? I don't think it's so easily explained by saying good people do good things and bad people do bad things. It's all about context people, but I think Weller put it best when he said all he's seen Jane do is good things and so it doesn't matter what she's done in the past because right now she's a good person.

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