Friday, January 16, 2015

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S3 E1
Let's break this down. Siobhan, Hood, and Brock take down the neo-Nazi that killed Emmett. I said to myself, "Welcome to the darkside Siobhan and Brock." Brock is banging Emmett's wife/ex-wife.

Hood is still with Siobhan which I'm not mad at. There are cute together, but there is always that lingering feeling of Carrie that I'm pretty sure will always be there. Speaking of Carrie, man that was a hot scene in the beginning and wow has her life gone down the sh*t hole. Most likely she will be asked this next episode to be in on the heist. I don't think Hood will be able to do it without her, especially with that type of security.

The heist will be difficult to pull off. Stealing from a military base won't be easy, especially with the security they have. Seeing Job is always a delight. I need to remember this time to drink anytime he curses. It was funny to see his money in flames. That's Job for ya.

It was nice to see Deva and Hood talk. He has some weird parenting skills (teaching her how to break in a joint), but what else can he teach her? I liked how everything he was explaining Carrie was doing at that exact moment. Nice work Banshee.

I'm going to guess Proctor and Rebecca slept together since they woke up in the same bed and butt naked. Incest at its finest. I just can't seem to get over the fact he's banging his niece, I actually feel bad for her. She's so impressionable and his influence is making her into a total monster. The Indian tribe and Proctor will definitely be at war this season, especially now that Longshadow's sister Nola is back in town looking for revenge. I can't wait!

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