Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Extant S1 E2

Dear Diary,

Why haven't they invented an instant dryer yet? Random shoes in the dryer woke me up from my slumber. I could hear it all the way from my house. That is probably one of the worst dryers ever. Molly really needs to replace it. I went over to her house when I heard another sound and saw her passed out on the ground. I was about to call the cops, when I saw her stomach move and it was not normal.

I decided to follow Molly just to make sure she was alright. She stopped at the museum with Ethan. The museum is so cool. I really should go more often. It's so much better than it was back in the day. I overheard a conversation that I think I shouldn't have heard. Molly's pregnant and it's not John's. I didn't even know Molly could get pregnant, at least that's what I heard on the block.

Next stop was John's work. I'm the best sneak you can possibly know. They don't call me the Nosey Neighbor for nothing. As Molly was walking away from Julie, I noticed Julie had a look on her face. Only time will tell what that look meant.

I then followed Molly to her job. For a government building, their security is sh*t. Molly was playing back some old videos and then took off into the bathroom only to come out soon after and take the stairs to the closest exit. Then she just hopped into some random car. I swear, it's so hard to keep up with this girl. I did, however, recognize the driver as the one in the video. I quickly followed suit and ended up at some shabby place. All I heard was about how they were their experiments and something about Harmon seeing his dead mama. Well that was a pointless drive for me. I'm following crazy people.

Eventually, she ended up in Sam's car to drive her to some dog shelter. I swear driving to all of these places is a waste of my money. I decided to peep in a window. Turns out Molly was getting an ultrasound. Anytime I see an ultrasound I am amazed because I've seen what the older monitors looked like and I don't know how you can distinguish anything with those. I really don't know how they did it back then.

Molly made one more stop before heading home. She kept telling this old guy how she had a baby in her and if he had anything to do with it. Do I need to have the birds and the bees chat with Molly? Maybe that's why she couldn't get pregnant. She wasn't doing it right. Maybe he's the baby daddy. Oh, this is just getting too good.

Luv ya,

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