Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Finding Carter S1 E3

Dear Diary,

Why do guys think that if they save the day, they'll get a happily ever after with you? It is so hard to watch Gabe that I roll my eyes every time. I did like how she went around the curfew, which needed to be set. I know if I did that at the age, I would have a whooping waiting for me when I came home. Kissing a boy I wasn't supposed to meant I wouldn't see the light of day for maybe a year and sunlight would be so foreign.

I thought I saw something. Max and Taylor are cute together and I'm glad Max realized he needs to do something with his life. He's growing on me with every entry. I also hope Taylor comes to realize that Carter isn't all that and she has something to offer.

I mentioned it in the last entry, but even Elizabeth sees that her daughter is a younger version of herself. Loved how she played Carter. I do declare, it's nice to see how they try to up one another. But Taylor had to ruin it by telling Carter. Taylor why did you have to ruin it for me?

I thought I should follow Carter when she got into Crash's car, but it turns out I wasn't the only one following them. And I guess I shouldn't say Crash's car either. But I'm happy to know she called her father instead of one her friends, even though we all know what he's up to. I was tempted to help her out, but I didn't want to blow my cover.

I guess Linda didn't want to blow her cover either. Should I call the cops? Maybe, I'll let this one play out.

Luv ya,

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