Thursday, December 4, 2014

Previously On...Thursday

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It's been awhile since the Thursday lineup so catch up with these recaps.

Okay I have to say it. Why are the Solano's so happy now? I didn't think that Beth forgave Mark but I guess she did. I'm happy for them, but at the same time, I can't help but wonder if the writers missed out on the opportunity to explore Beth's true problem of not being able to have a place after her son died. Instead, it feels like they glossed over it by showing how she doesn't want to end up like the other woman, who seems like she doesn't even have a reason to live anymore since she doesn't live at all. But again, I'm glad the family was laughing again. And what type of bowling is that? I've never seen a bowling ball that wasn't bigger than the size of my face.

The priest is still taking his 15 minutes of fame and running with it. Even though I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up being the killer, I doubt that he is. Frankly, it would upset me if he was. However, I wouldn't mind him being the victim in tonight's episode. I mean, he did see Tom breaking his laptop. Maybe he saw too much and needs to be shut up for good.

Luckily for us, Owen stayed away from Renee, who should take a hint and just go home. She had to sleep in her car. You would think, she would have given up by now. It's not like she has a reason to stay.

Speaking of journalists, Kathy told the police all about Susan Wright and her history, which is why she was arrested, but all she can think about is where her measly dog went and won't talk to anyone until he's found. For some reason Vince took him and was about to shoot, but we should know by now that animals don't die on TV. If there was an apocalypse, the animals would survive before humans do. It's just common sense in the TV world. We still aren't sure about their connection. If I had to guess I think Susan is Vince's real mother, but I have no idea.

Tom was found even though he gave a BS excuse as to why he was out there. I was seriously wondering "Are they really going to buy that?" And they did. I doubt Tom was the one that knocked his mother over at the cabin since I think he doesn't have enough strength for that. But someone who doesn't have strength at all is Carver is thinks he's breathing his last breath since he can't breathe.

So far I have speculated on who I thought wasn't the killer so let me to tell you who I'm leaning towards--Joe Miller. I think he's the one who abused Danny and he's manipulated Tom to cover for him. Motive, I'm still working on, but as of right now I really can't see it being anyone else since I think anyone else would be too obvious or so out there that I can't even fathom it right now.

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