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S1 E9
The case-of-the-week was about how the music industry can be money grabbing evil place if you turn your back on it for 5 seconds or in this case for a few days to go take care of your newborn. Anytime they mentioned 6 AM, all I thought about was T-Pain and Melanie Fiona. Anyway, a boy was murdered when he had proof that his father wrote the lyrics to a famous song. In the end, it was the son of the famous person who took all the credit that murdered him along with the owner of the production who told him to do it.

It's nice to know that the jazz generation had it similar to young people like myself. This was a very simple episode, not much going on that really excited me other than hearing some jazz music and seeing Franklin Faison (Banshee).

S3 E9
It was all about relationships last episode so let's start off
with Casey and Dawson. This duo is in really hot water and it's not because Dawson got reprimanded by Casey. This all comes down to can Casey really separate his home life from his work life and he seems to be having some difficulty with that. In all honesty, I don't understand why he got upset. Yes, Dawson and Mills have history, but all he did was hold her hand for support. It's not like he caught them kissing. Maybe he overheard the conversation and is just mad that Dawson was talking so easily with someone else. I mean, the only reason Peter Mills was hanging out so long was because he was scared of going home on account of that lunatic father who lost his son due to drowning and blames Mills. All I know is for 2 best friends, Dawson and Casey aren't acting like it nowadays.

Speaking of 2 best friends, it seems like Brett and Cruz are going to give it a shot. As of now, I can't see them as anything but friends, but ever since Cruz lost out to Severide with Otis's Russian cousin, I've wanted someone for Cruz. I just don't think that person is Brett.

Speaking of Severide, he finally talked to his wife about Shay. Apparently, they made a pack to never talk about the death of their loved ones. He did it because he realized it was the only way for her to talk about her sister's death. She drove the car and while she came out of the accident with 6 stitches, her sister ended up dead. She couldn't face her parents knowing she was the cause, but Severide reminded her she wasn't to blame. She was finally able to talk to her mother and she realized she needed to go home and face the music. Severide wanted her to stay, but understood it would only be for him and not for her. So wifey left and who knows when if she'll be back.

Just so I don't leave you on a sad note, Mouch was a pretty good distraction with his accidental asking out of his eye doctor. Of course, Trudy was there to set the record straight in the end, but I did wonder if she killed the eye doctor. Trudy is a scary woman and I wouldn't be surprised if that doctor went missing.

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