Monday, December 1, 2014

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S1 E2
I'm still iffy about this show so maybe I'll give it until the end of this year to make my final decision. Charlie just doesn't seem like she has a weakness other than the mysterious texter. She can do it all, even some jobs that I don't think are even in her job description.

Anyway, the case-of-the-week last week was very potent and very well acted. A Russian spy ended up killing himself and his crew members so the Russians couldn't get 6 months of intel on the US.

On the story-arc front, the mysterious texter sent her a pic and it wasn't a nuddy of him or herself. This pic showed Charlie, dangerous Nick, and Fatah side-by-side taking a stroll. Charlie had Syd try to trace the pic back to its original owner, but no luck.

At the end of the episode, we then see a man watching Charlie from within his car.

S7 E9
It was all about Javi last episode, which I know some people weren't happy about since Esposito isn't the most likeable character out of the bunch. Actually, it could be argued that Esposito is the most hated character of the bunch. But I have to say, he has always been the pessimist of the group. As much as I wanted to hate this episode because it was focused on Espo, I hated the episode for an entirely different reason. Can we please move away from the ebola case scenarios? I'm so sick of seeing these flu/ebola widespread type of case-of-the-week in shows.

However, this does open the door for Lanie and Espo to talk about...wait for! I like how the mom cop told Espo how it is because if she didn't I would have wondered if they should be together because he definitely had chemistry with her. But at the end of the day, Esposito will always have Lanie on his mind.

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