Sunday, November 30, 2014

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Finally, the cat is out of the bag, but first, let's run through what happened with all the other characters. There may be someone else that is more evil than Margaret. We definitely know for sure he has some rage issues since they (Margaret and Rachael) can feel his hatred from the hospital. Margaret and Rachael had the same vivid dream that turned out not to be a dream at all, but Margaret's memory. This woman doesn't forget a thing. The dream was about a fire at the factory and Margaret saw some men die and one of them has returned. I'm guessing he wants revenge on the Langston's for letting him die. Margaret found out about the evil grandpa when she went on a date (at least, I think it was a date. Let's call it that.) with his grandson. Margaret recognized a photo of him when the grandson took her back to his "cousin's" place. Is that what they call it now?

Rachael had a lot going on with her. She was still sick with the virus and was deciding on whether to take the medicine that no one knew what it was or if it worked. Seems to be working just fine with Marty. When Marty told Tom this, Tom was going to inject her with it, but Maggie came just in time to stop them. Good thing she's forgetful, which now that I think about it is not a trait you want for a doctor. Rachael didn't want to risk her baby because without the baby she has no reason to live and we know what happens to people who don't want to live. Poof! Good thing she's back to normal and doing just fine. Cause I gotta have faith (Song!) Janine would be so proud. I wonder what she keeps in that diary and I wonder when the baby does finally come out, will she just up and steal it and act like the mother or even better, try to kill Rachael. I know I'm thinking too far in advance. But let me just say Rachael and Tom did have a very nice moment together when Tom admitted that Janine is his wife and all but-- then Rachael interrupted him to tell him she knows. Oh, we know too, hopefully Janine never finds out.

Ray fell ill with the virus and he seems to be the only "human" who has. Maybe he died and no one knows about it or maybe he just has the flu. It is that time of year around here. Well I'm glad he has it because it keeps him out of trouble with that cult group of haters against the returned, who are now ruining people's doors with red spray cans. I understand why Carl and Ray are in the group, but just because you had some bad returns show up doesn't mean they're all bad.

Finally, Marty told Maggie he's a returned and I have to say after she got over why he didn't tell her, she took it very well. Everyone has issues is correct and don't worry Maggie we know yours is falling in love with a dead person. The reason Marty didn't want to tell Maggie was because he didn't want her to look at him differently because he actually cares about what she thinks. Why couldn't he just say that?

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