Sunday, November 23, 2014

Reign S2 E8 Diary

Dear Diary,

Lips, really? People are getting their lips cut off left and right here. Oh Diary, it's so hideous. I mean, not like their lips were kissable before, but now it's much, much worse. The Vatican is seriously playing a dangerous game by harming Protestants. Francis has been acting strange lately. He's been pushing Mary away a lot lately. So much so that I don't even see them smile towards each other anymore.

Catherine set up a marriage for Claude to get her out of the castle as quick as possible, but something tells me that marriage is not going to happen. I peeked to see the future broom and boy was cute. Claude is lucky.

I saw Cousin and Bash head out of the castle. I heard they were going to question some Protestants. I didn't know Francis was so against the Protestants, but actions do speak louder than words. I saw some guards taking away a young man, but I don't know what for. There seems to be too many secrets in this castle and I can't stand the fact that I don't know them.

Claude is having another b*tch fit; however, this time it's with good reason. Her mother is allowing the Vatican to check her virginity. Basically, they want to peekaboo her honey boo boo maker. If they're looking for gold they're aren't going to find any. Someone took that stash a long time ago. But someway, somehow, she passed the test. You know someone got paid.

During a small gathering, Claude was supposed to meet her future husband, but instead she slipped and fell into DB Sr.'s lap. Oddly enough those two would suit each other. I have a feeling that both of them have killed people in their lives.

Soldiers having been coming and going from the castle and I just saw Bash coming in with a wounded shoulder. Next thing you know, I hear there are riots in the streets. Is this the beginning of a Protestant and Catholic war in France?

Luv ya,

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