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S1 E6
Poor Michael, I actually feel bad for him. Yes, he lied, but I'm glad that Jane admitted to herself that's not the only reason she was breaking up with him. If you are about to get married and you have feelings for another man, I would suggest you back away slowly from the fiance and go figure some sh*t out. But at the same time, it kind of makes Jane look like a hypocrite. I mean, she was originally mad with Michael because he omitted the truth, but isn't she doing the same thing by not admitting her having feelings for another man is the true reason of why she backed out? I calls them, as I sees them.

Jane and Xo were dealing with their mean girls problem. In the case of Xo, she had to deal with the Rogelio's ex-wife, who was setting Xo up to fail for her gig. Luckily for Xo, she didn't need a back up band to sing. However, she did realize that her personal life does affect Jane and that she should steer clear from Rogelio so he can focus on getting to know Jane. Speaking of Rogelio, he bought Jane a car not as a meaningless gesture, but because he realized he missed out on the big events in her life and he thought giving her a car was a moment he could share with her.

Jane had to deal with the mean twins, who are her former step-sisters (this show, but still not worse than Once Upon A Time). Rogelio's ex-wife not only wanted to mess with Xo, but also with Jane and sent the twins to the same high school that Jane would be student teaching in. At first they were mean, set up a website of Jane being a pregnant virgin, and even got her fired at one point, but Jane had enough of being the nice one and listened to her mother's advice--she stooped to their level. It worked, but then Jane realized another side to the twins--they felt neglected and jealous. Jane got her job back and things are looking up at her job. But I would watch out for those nuns. They have exploit written all over their faces when they saw the twins webpage and how so many followers wanted to meet Jane the virgin.

As for Rafael, he admitted to Jane he didn't see her as a sister anymore and that he actually has feelings for her. At first, I thought it was a dream sequence, but no, it was real. Jane was already admitted having problems with Michael and this was Rafael's opportunity that he had to say or else he would regret it. It paid off for him because Jane broke up with Michael and when Rafael kissed Jane, Jane kissed back with pedals falling from the tree around them. If Michael's meet with Jane was epic, then this was legendary epic. (Did anyone else wonder why sawdust was falling from the hole when Jane and Michael kissed? I was seriously thinking Xo was getting it on upstairs. Makes their meet seem a little less epic to me.)

As for Petra, well her eye still hasn't healed and Rafael was relentless to get her out of the hotel. He cut off everything in the suit: the electricity, the air conditioning, the water. This man was determined, but it wasn't until Rafael had a witness of the fact that when Petra left his office she was unscathed that she had nothing to bargain with and decided to leave. When her Czech "friend" came around asking for money, she hit him over the head with the vase of Zazo's ashes. So now what is she going to do?

S1 E9
Let's start off by discussing the case-of-the-week. Gordon and Bullock are on the hunt for a very dangerous man who can make an explosive out of peanut butter if he wanted. The man was being transported for treatment when some Russians ambush the van and take the prisoner. When the Gordon and Bullock finally do find the guy (since he actually left them a breadcrumb for them to follow), the Russians weren't far behind and escaped with the man in tow. With the help of Nygma, Gordon and Bullock know exactly where the next target will be--Falcone's vault. Turns out, Mooney was backing the Russians just so she can hurt Falcone. Money's right hand man makes sure there's no evidence linking them by killing the Russians, but as we already know that doesn't even matter. In the end, explosion man, was sent to the Arkham Asylum that is now dedicated to the insane. Again I sympathize with the baddie of the week. He only exploded places selling weapons.

Meanwhile, Penguin was fact checking his new find by stopping by her apartment and smelling everything in the room. When he finally did confront the new lady love in Falcone's life, he made sure that she knew he had her wrapped around his little finger. Too bad Mooney keeps on undermining Penguin as a player in Gotham

On the other side of town, Cat got to stay at the Wayne mansion and this time she's actually invited. Gordon thought it was a good idea to have Cat stay with Bruce so she'll be more likely to testify is she gets to know him. Plus, they're the same age. At first, Alfred was being a worrywart because he thought Cat was a bad influence on Master Bruce. But Cat shows a different take on the world like how she tells him people don't usually fight with gloves and how holding your breath won't help you. But it's when Alfred catches Bruce acting like a kid that makes him change his mind. It was nice to see how these two finally meet.

We the viewers meet the future Two-Face who is working with Gordon to solve the Wayne case. Man definitely has two faces since all of a sudden he goes bi-polar on the man he wants to sue.

During this whole episode, I was just happy I didn't have to see Barbara's face. But of course that had to be ruined by the end of the episode. This whole time she was just sleeping with Montoya. I'm too so scared of Falcone so let me go sleep with my ex to make me feel better. Seriously what is the point of this character in the show because she has added nothing so far?

Tonight's episode will be the midseason finale so last one of the year guys. The less Barbara, the better the episode.

S7 E7
Back into the old west and back into the grove of things on Castle. The case-of-the-week was about a woman who was killed by poisoning and our team tracked down the most probable place where she got poisoned--a dude ranch in Arizona. With no help from the town's Sheriff, Castle suggests they should go undercover as a newlywed couple to solve the murder. He suggested that this could be in place of their honeymoon to which Beckett immediately says no to, but changes her mind with the go ahead from the Captain.

Turns out the victim was there searching for gold, but found her dead father instead. The killer, who was the owner of the ranch, not only killed her father, but her as well to cover his tracks. Her father, his partner, and the killer found the gold 20 years ago and when there was a disagreement with what to do with the gold someone ended up dead, and the others split the gold.

Back at home when Castle and Beckett told the news of their marriage to their friends, they were not happy about it and rightfully so. They didn't get invited. Lanie got over it quick with a deal made to Beckett to buy her all the deserts on the menu of her chose of restaurant. The Captain just blamed it on Castle for the no invite. But Ryan and Esposito were sulking the whole episode and they didn't get over it until the Captain told them they were acting like babies and that they should be happy for their friends who been through a lot these past months. With that said, they decided to give 2 vacation days each to Beckett so she can have her honeymoon with Castle since she used all of hers up searching for Castle.

This Castle episode was superior in every way to the wedding episode. A good mixture of case-of-the-week that was fun to watch unfold and great Caskett moments with a touch of great wardrobe especially for Beckett.

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