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Not Showing This Week (Dancing with the Stars)

S3 E8
Now that is what I call a good case-of-the-week. The chopper was insane and I liked how it involved everyone at the firehouse.

Let's get to the personal issues and we'll start with Casey and Dawson. Casey and Dawson are already acting like an old married couple when compared to Mr. and Mrs. Serveride. Dawson wants the Severides out of their house, but Casey didn't have the heart to tell Severide. Meanwhile, Severide is having his own issues with the Mrs. when she keeps calling him during a call and even shows up there. In the end, everything works out between them. The Mrs. doesn't want to deal with losing another person in her life since she just lost her sister and Severide understood that since heo's still dealing with Shay dying.

It seemed like Peter Mills might still have feelings for Dawson even though he's the one that called it off between them. The way he was looking at her after the call was over and how Dawson reminded him how they make a great team makes me think there is trouble in paradise coming for Dawson and Casey. I was never for Dawson and Casey and I'm still not; however, I have learned to accept them. But if there is any chance for Mills and Dawson to reunite I'll take it. I loved them together.

Because Brett's in Cruz's Zumba class and they are keeping it on the hush-hush, everyone thinks they're together. Brett has enough and eventually comes clean to Casey, who then tells Dawson and...well...you get the idea. So for Cruz's next class everyone shows up. They have a laugh at him at first, but they fully support him and got a great work out in the end.

Also Brett was fearing for her life at a point because she saved some guy, who definitely is up to some shady business. The guy was so grateful to her that he told her if she's every in trouble to just call him. Okay mister. I wonder when Brett is going to cash in on it and for what reason.

S4 E8
This show is the sh*t, this show is the sh*t, this show is the sh*t. Now that I have that out of my system, let's get on with it. I love how the cases-of-the-week aren't really cases-of-the-week since they are entangled with the story-arc. An undercover cop goes undercover to uncover the mole at the academy. This is how our team discovers Mini is really DoMinic (so clever) and Dominic is trying to take down the last player for him to rule New York City--Elias.

Eventually the undercover cop finds out who the mole was and how he was being blackmailed to do a job for The Brotherhood, which was to steal files from the police database so they can discover who works for Elias. The Brotherhood steals the files, but Dominic can't stand Reese and the gang interrupting his operation.

Reese still has to deal with that therapist, but she seems to start understanding Reese a bit more. She should be grateful he has a hero complex.

Meanwhile, Samaritan was working on discovering the identity of Shaw and at the end of the episode Shaw's cover was blown. Now what?

I just had to add that I would love to see the undercover cop help our team out again. She could be a great asset. She did take out Reese after all. Also, I'm so glad Bear can swim.

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