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The Good Wife Midseason Finale Review

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S6 E10
Alright folks it's the last episode of the year and the ending was so unexpected. As I explained to a friend, it was a good and bad unexpected. Good because it surprised me, but bad because of how it affects a character. So let's get into it.

Almost forgot. Before we do dive into this episode, can I just say I love how they shot it. Each part was taken from someone else's perspective, so first the judge, then prosecutor, the juror, and then the defendant, all while the comic relief of the episode for the first time was Alicia. Okay, now we can get into it.

Judge: The judge is trying to get tickets for him and his wife's anniversary and so he does not want to be in court today. So he tried to speed things along by trying to get Cary to take the plea of 10 years in jail. But Cary ain't havin' it. The judge told the prosecutor to sweeten the deal and she offered 6 years meaning with good behavior he could be out in 3.

Cary: Cary is talking with Alicia and Diane about the offer. Cary doesn't want to go to jail again. Diane reminds him that the jury is a jump ball, they can't be relied on and if they find him guilty he will serve 15 years. Cary asks Diane and Alicia to ask Finn what the prosecutor's bottom line is for Cary since he used to be on the case.

Alicia: Longtime no see Jackie and sad to see her back, but at least this time she isn't causing trouble. Instead it's Alicia who causing the trouble by threatening a teacher with a knife. I seriously thought this was a joke.

Judge: Judge finds out that to get the Neil Diamond tickets he needs to be present to buy them. The judge is in a rush to end jury picking for the day so he can deal with his personal issue.

Alicia: When Alicia shows up to Grace's school and the principal starts reading the note I seriously thought Grace wrote this to get out of P.E. I also want to say that I was laughing the whole time the note was being read.Alicia threatened to gut a teacher like a pig and watch him bleed out. Didn't Eli tell you not joke because there is no joking in politics?

Prosecutor: Many people were confused here and so I want to set the record straight. The prosecutor was having an affair with the detective, which is why before the detective got on the stand, she was talking to him on the phone telling him (the detective) she won't leave her husband and for him (the detective) not to call her at home and not smile at her on the stand or she'll crack up. That's why the next scene has the detective being asked questions and him winking at the prosecutor, which is why the prosecutor gets all tense. Then her husband shows up and lays down a note reading "We need to talk." Obviously this girl got busted for cheating. (You see a wedding picture of her and her husband in a later secene, which is why I know she's married.) Meanwhile, the court is hearing the tap of Cary advising 3 guys (only 1 still alive) on how to get away with drugs.

Alicia: To quote Eli, "I trust assassins over teachers." Now I know what they body woman has gone through. Alicia has to get the note back that's the bottom line.

Cary: Diane cross-examines the detective and it comes out in the open (a surprise to the prosecutor) that the detective did talk to someone on the phone that identified as the person who recorded Cary talking. This person also admitted that he set Cary up and turned the wire on and off to make it seem like Cary was advising them on how to get away with drugs.

Alicia: Grace informs Alicia that her teacher will only handover the note if Alicia meets with her first.

Prosecutor: It seems like everyone is having personal issues in this episode and it just goes to show you that even when we have personal issues, we still have to put them aside and get the job done. The prosecutor ends things with the detective. She's being pressured by Castro and so for her next move she calls in Kalinda to testify against Cary.

Juror: At first I thought it was me who wasn't hearing correctly. I love how they got the actors to say nonsense so we can understand how it feels like to be this juror who has trouble hearing.

Alicia: Alicia and Finn, they are just so different from Will and Alicia. Will and Alicia were complex and the sexual tension was always there. With Finn, it's so different because it's so relaxing. What I mean is Alicia and Finn seem like best friends and I never got that with Will. With Finn it's a stress free relationship and I think that's what Alicia needs. Prady comes to Alicia's office to have a talk with her about his down-low activities. Alicia had to knowledge about anyone from her campaign leaking it to the press. Prady thinks it was a move to get back at him about him saying he would prosecute anyone who would write a violent note about stabbing a teacher. He claims he didn't know that it was her and I believe him and I think Alicia did too, which is why she told him to go back to the press and tell them they took it out of context. He said he wouldn't play dirty not that he would help her win. Basically Alicia told him "We'll end it here," to which he replied with a "We're back to where we started" and Alicia says, "No, we're even in the polls now."

Juror: Juror gets called into the judges office and that's when everyone finds out he has a problem hearing when under stress. He gets kicked out and the defense loses a pro-Cary.

Alicia: Alicia goes in again to Grace's school and this time she's being blackmailed by the teacher holding her note for ransom and will give it back to her if she and her husband becomes members of a union for teachers. I thought Alicia should do it. I mean it's for a good cause, but Alicia said it's patronage and she doesn't want to be like Peter who accepts patronage. Alicia meets Finn to ask him if he can help with Cary's case. Finn can't say anything, so instead he gives her photos. Even though they go to the ugliest diner in Chicago, when the lights go out, candles are lit, and a man starts singing with his guitar, you know any ugly place can turn romantic with that setting. And they tried to avoid it so much.

Kalinda: Kalinda goes to Bishop's house and blackmails him with the photos Alicia gives her. If he doesn't let the 3rd guy testify for Cary, then she will let child services know drug dealers have been coming in out of his house. Bishop does not take kindly to threats, which is why this whole thing backfired on Cary. The 3rd and only alive person on the tap (other than Cary) lied on stand and told the jurors that Cary did advise him on how to break the law. Kalinda pleaded with Bishop to get his man to tell the truth and I have to say that was really sad for me to watch such a strong woman like Kalinda pleading to him calling him sir and the like. Ugh, made me want to throw up. That man is not a man and should never be called sir.

Alicia: Peter offered patronage to the teachers and so they talked to media telling them it was a joke letting Alicia off the hook.

Cary: Cary has 5 options at this point:

  1. Plea guilty, he doesn't have to go back to jail, he's on 6 months of probation and he has to testify against Bishop. (This is a death sentence because we know Bishop will kill him before he ever testifies against him. Maybe if he can go under witness protection program there's more of a chance he'll do it, but without that he's as good as dead.)
  2. Plea guilty, he'll serve 4 years, 2 if he's good.
  3. Plea innocent, if the jurors find him guilty he'll have to serve 15 years, 7 1/2 if good.
  4. Plea innocent; if the jurors find him innocent, he's a free man. (Out of all the possibilities this is the least likely to happen.)
  5. Plea nothing, takes Bishop on his offer and skips town working as a lawyer in Spain. (However, he would be leaving F/A/L with the bill of $1.3 million (This would be really sh*tty for Cary to do, but he could send them the money once he's in Barcelona.)
If Cary pleas guilty he wouldn't be able to appeal or practice law. Cary tells Alicia he has to take the plea. He can do 2 years, but he can't do 15. He asked for Alicia to visit him in jail because he doesn't want to be lonely. Then by the end of the episode, Cary pleads guilty most like #2 happened. 
There's still a chance #1 or even #5 could still happen. He could have changed his mind after talking to Alicia or is planning on skipping town because you aren't taken straight away to jail. A guilty plea means no law for Cary. What happens to Cary? Is Matt Czuchry leaving the show too?

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