Friday, November 7, 2014

No More Constantine

Hey People,

So I watched the 2nd episode of Constantine and boy did they change that quick. It became a show about saving people to a show about saving people + will they/won't they. Now I know why they got rid of the other girl. I guess they didn't feel the love as much as they did with Constantine and Zed. But I feel like they had too much love. I mean, their faces were so close to each other sometimes that I was like, writers, I get it. I actually think their romance felt a bit forced.

Anyway, I wish Liv was still around because then I would probably give this show a shot. Instead, they made this show into every other show out there that have a man and a woman as leads. Thought this show was going to be different.

No more Previously On...Friday until I can come up with a show I actually like on Fridays.

Luv ya,

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