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S1 E21
Wow definitely the best episode so far. It was just packed with a lot of emotions. To those who thought Abigail might be immortal, you'd be wrong. Woman is dead and man was she a good woman. Died protecting Henry from being discovered by Adam. Well done writers. It made sense and I got the feels.

There was a case-of-the-week in there, but compared to Abigail no one really cared about the judge who tried to cover up a car accident 30 years ago because a girl he had sex with had a boyfriend, who was now sheriff and killed her by accident and Abigail was the nurse, who took care of the girl's injuries because the girl was scared of her boyfriend with a gun. It was all about Abigail for me.

The season finale is tonight and I wonder if Henry will tell Jo about himself. She obviously noticed how much Henry cared for Abigail more so than he should have. I hope he comes clean. As he said, he trusts Jo.

S4 E21
The Wire actors are just everywhere. Still in the 3rd season. Back to POI. I'm trying to decide if "Asylum" or "If-Then-Else" is the best episode of the season. Last week, we had 3 stories going on at once.

1) Control was trying to plug up the leaks that Samaritan planted. Interrogated a mother, whose a teacher by day and handler by afternoon. She informs Control about The Correction or what most people will call it, a terrorist attack created and started by Samaritan.

2) John and Fusco try to protect Elias from The Brotherhood, but The Brotherhood caught them. It was all a ruse and Elias is again one step ahead of Dominic. Now Dominic should know why Elias has stayed on top for so long. Side note: Anthony told Elias to kill him, but Dominic killed Link without a second thought. Just goes to show you that the game isn't just about having loyalty, there needs to be trust.

3) Root and Harold stumble into Samaritan's headquarters and of course they get caught. The great thing is Root finally kills Martine. I loved how she did it and I laughed afterwards. It was swift and quick, just like the bitch deserved. She didn't see it coming. The Machine thought she failed Harold and Root by not saving Sameen and she won't fail Harold again. So she told Samaritan her location in exchange of letting them go.

Now I thought I liked Harper and I knew she had no loyalty to anyone, but that doesn't mean you run your mouth off in people's ears. And did Shaw really turn? She didn't seem like she was being taken by her will. I knew this was going to happen and I'm kind of glad it is because I'm actually looking forward to fights between Shaw and Root. Glad they got Sarah back to do a cameo, maybe she'll come back sooner than we think.

Shit is about to go down in tonight's episode. If there is any show you have to watch tonight. It is this one. Sorry Forever, there is just too much at stake. I have a feeling someone may not come out of this alive.

P.S. I knew that Harper accepted money from someone else, I just didn't put it together that it was The Machine, but still, if someone paid her more than The Machine she would still harp (see what I did there?) so I'm still not sure about her.

S3 E21
I hate these crossovers with SVU because it means the case will be something sexual and I just can't take that stuff. But first let's go over the Fire's episode and then I'll get into the crossover.

So we meet the new PIC named Chili. Love the name and love the girl. I knew I was going to like her and as soon as the house gets over Mills leaving, they'll grow to like her. She seems down to earth from what I can tell. Casey told the ex-firefighter to go shove it when the guy starting lecturing Casey on where he can and cannot be. Something tells me this isn't the end of this story. 

Dawson saved a man's life, who was trying to take his own life and Otis thinks Rice is a dodger aka a person who has the job firefighter, but doesn't get into said fires. When Severide found out boy was he pissed. There may be truth to the story, we shall see.

Fire: Someone tried to burn down an apartment that had a woman, who was just raped. It turns out to be a case SVU worked 10 years ago and now it's happening in Chicago. 

PD: They find the guy and know it's him, but they can't stick anything to him. By the end of the episode, he kidnaps Nadia and is on his way back to NYC.

SVU: Nadia ends up dead and since she's the only good case out of all the cases against this guy since this is the only one where he admits he was there to, they use it to prosecute him. All it took was for him to show his true colors and he was found guilty.

When I used to watch PD, I remember Nadia and I liked her then and was happy to see her clean and working at the police station. Too bad they killed her. Overall this was probably the best crossover this season because it flowed so well. They should have just done it in one night to be honest, which is probably what will happen next year amongst the Chicagos. Weird seeing Alicia's brother (The Good Wife) as a killer.

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