Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Person Of Interest S4 E11 Review

Hey People,

Okay I just witnessed the best episode of the year! True, the year just started so let me say this then: this was the best episode of Person of Interest. It was so good that I would say it's similar to what Hitting the Fan is to The Good Wife. I even will go a step further and say POI is probably my favorite show of this 2014/2015 year. Don't worry I will get to that kiss at the end and explain why Shaw may not be dead after all.

So this episode was Groundhog Day, where The Machine ran scenarios and we got to see them play out. Now I will say this I did not fall for their trick. I told my TV to rewind because I knew Finch being killed wasn't a possibility even if we're in a trilogy. The last trilogy we were in Carter died, but for some reason I just knew The Machine was thinking of one of its possible moves.

  1. Finch and Root--Server Room
    Fusco and Reese--Secure Escape
    Shaw talks to no one
    End Result: Shaw doesn't get code,  Finch dies
  2. Fusco and Reese--Server Room
    Finch and Root--Secure Escape
    Shaw talks to Reese
    End Result: Shaw doesn't get code and Reese & Root
  3. Everyone--Server Room and Secure Escape
    Shaw talks to Fusco
    End Result: Shaw gets code and 2.07% survival
The Machine chooses #3. It ran way more options, but these are the ones we saw play out. Everything pretty much goes to plan and the odds increase once Shaw shows up. However, what The Machine didn't foretell is the elevator not working and so someone had to stay behind to press the button and her name was Shaw. 

I just explained this episode in simple terms, but there was so many emotions going on the whole time I feel like explaining the episode like this is disservice to it. I didn't see the promos for If-Then-Else, but after watching it I see why people were excited and a little worried to watch this. A few people even figured out that they were scenarios before the episode even aired. I guess if your a techy you would because it's used in codes. 

There's always action in this show, but it also has a great balance of funny moments stuck in it, even when it's a sad episode when you consider your watching your favorite cast members die. Fusco calling Root names, Fusco kissing Root (The Machine ships Fusco/Root!), Root flirting with Shaw, Finch and the portrait, The Machine simplifying speech to save time (now that was brilliant). I even loved how they used commercial breaks to start a new possibility. Turns out the writer who wrote Carter's death episode is the same one who wrote this one. Girl is on a role!

Chess is such a great analogy to life, especially if you want to teach someone how a pawn is just as important as a queen. This flashback was probably one of the most important flashbacks because it shows us how and why The Machine values all life equally, something Samaritan will never understand. The queen may be the strongest piece on the board, but it also can be used as a decoy to reveal your ulterior motive. This episode really showed us how The Machine is another character on the show. This is how you flesh out a character. Granted, it was a bit easier since we literally got to be in its head.

My favorite moment (before I saw the kiss) was Root complaining to Shaw about how she never talks about her feelings #maybesomeday I seriously thought that this was all we were going to get. POI was never about romance and just because Shoot happened didn't mean that was going to change. So when that kiss happened I was shocked, but in a very good way. I was like "Finally, screw you subtext!" But then I remembered the last time team members shared a kiss with each other. This show has a kiss of death policy. If someone gets kissed from now on, I know they will die by the end of the episode. At first, I thought this kiss was a "reciprocate feeling" type kiss, but after watching it for the 100th time I realize maybe it was just a "shut up and do as I say" kiss. We are talking about Shaw after all, a sociopath. Regardless of the reason I'm glad we got to see it before she may have died.

That's right you read correctly. She may have died. Turns out the actress Sarah Shahi is pregnant with twins and since no one can see Shaw as a mother, she decided it was her time to go and she wanted to go down in style. Now apparently the door will be left open for her return is she wants and trust me most people want. Shaw was my favorite character and I'm sad to see her go, but I understand the reason behind the decision and can respect it. Shahi said possibly in 2 years. As long as that may seem, I would still want her back at any capacity. This one hurt more than Carter. Now there's only one female left.

Goodbye Shaw, for now.

Luv ya,

P.S. I didn't know the queen chess piece used to be one of the weakest pieces. Learn something everyday.
P.P.S. I agree with Shahi on how she portrayed Shaw at the end. Shaw wouldn't go in a room thinking she's going to die. She goes in a room and thinks how many people are going to die by her gun.

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