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S1 E8
I'm sorry, give me a sec. My mind was blown. Hold on.
WTF!!! Sometimes you get surprises that you can't wait to see the fallout and other times you get surprises that explain everything. Mr. Robot doesn't fit into these categories instead Mr. Robot had a surprise that left me more confused than ever, yet still completely blew my mind because I didn't see it coming. We're not talking about coming from left field, we're talking about coming from another galaxy. Star Wars basically describes what just happened here. So Darlene is Elliot's sister and it looks like Mr. Robot is some type of father figure. Whether he is Elliot's father or step-father or just who screwed mom is still up for debate. Hell, Mr. Robot even being a real person is still up for debate. Only in the 1st episode when we first meet Mr. Robot did I think he wasn't real, but once he led Elliot to fsociety and introduced everyone I thought he was. Some people weren't as easily convinced. I do think he is real and it's solely based on what we have seen when Elliot is not there is what actually happens. So anytime we see Elliot, it's always from his perspective, but when he's not in a scene, the perspective is omniscient. Otherwise, we wouldn't be seeing that scene at all because Elliot wouldn't know it was happening. We need some theories, stat.

  1. Mr. Robot is Elliot's biological father. He was claimed dead, but actually was the sole survivor and made a deal with the devil/ Evil Corp that he would never come forward as a witness. 
  2. Mr. Robot is Elliot's step-father/guy after his bio father died and Mr. Robot and Elliot's mother had Darlene. Mr. Robot may have come across some info on Evil Corp and that's how he gets involved with them that way or maybe Mr. Robot also had a previous marriage and lost his wife because of Evil Corp and that's how he meets Elliot's mother. In other words, some way some how he meets Elliot's mother and is against Evil Corp. 
  3. Some combination of 1 and 2.
I made these theories myself and there are definitely other theories out there, but there's just so much we don't know that it really could be anything. I'm leaning more towards the 2nd because anytime we see flashbacks of Elliot and his mother he's so young (not even double digits yet), while in the last episode we saw Elliot as a pre-teen, which makes me think Mr. Robot isn't his biological father.

There are tons of things to be confused about in this show, but that's also the fun of it. I mean, I'm still confused about why Mr. Robot pushed Elliot off the rails if he's known Elliot for so long. Retribution doesn't cut it anymore. However, this does explain Darlene and Angela's conversation at ballet class. I seriously thought I missed something. I thought either Angela came over when Darlene was hanging around and we didn't see that scene or maybe I had forgot they had a scene together. But now that makes sense. 

The plan is back on since the Chinese are back on to stop Evil Corp now that Elliot fixed their problem. Tyrell knows all about fsociety and he's made a deal with Mr. Robot. I don't think he necessarily in on it, but I do think they share the same goal. Fsociety gets to destroy Evil Corp and Tyrell can easily become CTO if the company falls because of another CTO. Even if he makes CTO before the attack (which I doubt because of the murder investigation of the current CTO's wife), he knows about fsociety and may know how to stop them. As of right now, the best thing they can do is stay out of each other's way. BTW, what Tyrell's wife did so her water would break was all kinds of nasty.

In other news, Gideon no longer trusts Elliot, but I really don't understand why he was so mad he didn't watch the smartTV. I rather people try to fix the problem than hear the message of fsociety. 

Luv ya,

P.S. The reason Terry Colby can go free now is because Angela confessing she broke the chain in command makes the evidence against Terry Colby inadmissible. I don't see how that would change anything unless she went to a 3rd party that caused the issue, but whatever.

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