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S1 E7
I'm not going to cry a river that Will died because I didn't care about the pretty boy or any of the pretty boys really. So when I saw Jake stabbed what looked like the heart I was so happy because I totally wanted him to die, but nope I was denied and the pretty frat boy lives to see another day. I don't know how since it looked like he was stabbed in the heart and then Brooke pulls the dagger out of him which should have made the situation worse since he just would have ended up bleeding to death, but whatever. Both of them should have died with the type of stab wounds they had. But I do have to give credit to the show for showing a gruesome death. I saw the set up and said to myself, "That's not good."

It was pretty much a hide and seek game the whole episode, so there's really nothing else to report other than Brooke finding out Jake was also involved with the blackmailing scheme. The killer punished Emma for easily forgiving Will, which sadly, I have to agree with. I know he almost died, but that doesn't just undo everything he's done. Is that worth Will's life? No, but remember, I don't really care for Will in the first place.

We did find out something juicy though. Emma's mother slept with Brandon James, which is a twist in the usual story. Usually they're nice to the ugly boy, but they don't sleep with them. Something tells me Emma's mother was in love with Brandon James and she didn't want anyone to know. Is there a secret love child out there?

So there are some great theories out there right now and so I've decided to share two of them.
  1. Emma's mother and Brandon James had a child and Emma's mother gave the child up for adoption that child turned out to be Mr. Branson (aka Bran's son) and he's come back to wreck Emma's life because she's the child that got everything.
  2. Emma's mother and Brandon James had a child named Emma and Emma's mother passed the child as Emma's father's child and when he found out he went ballistic and is now killing everyone connected to Emma so Emma doesn't become like her mother.
The first one is more plausible right now, but the second one isn't. I thought up the 2nd one too, but I realized it doesn't really make sense unless Emma's mother had a teen pregnancy and that doesn't seem like the case. Besides, why would Emma's father choose to torture Emma and not Emma's mother? She's the one that would have lied in that case. My money is still on the podcast girl and now I'm thinking that she might be related to Brandon James in some way. 

S2 E9
Now Barry knows what it feels like to think someone is dead and have it sprung on him that same person is alive. Barry lost most of his men to an ambush by the Caliphate, so I'm doubting that the ambush he organized with Rami will go according to plan. It might even be safe to say it's been called off.

So Molly knows Barry is alive now and so her legs were closed for business, not like they were open before, but the establishment was preparing to open again. Bye-bye lawyer. As for Sammy, he's still alive and I thought for a second that they might make him bi with the way that girl was advancing with him so quickly, but I should have known better than the quick advancements meant she was going to die. Sammy has the kiss of death.

I hate how all of a sudden Jamal has become so evil. He's always been this confused person, who didn't know what to do and I think the lack of sleep, the drinking, and the pressure is really getting to him that he's just making bad decision after bad decision. I mean, he ordered his son's death. What is with father's killing their sons these days on TV?

I thought Nasrat and Rami wouldn't happen until next season, but I guess things are happening quicker than I expected. Ahmed wants to fight for their love, but Nasrat doesn't. I don't think she's in love with Ahmed because if she was, she would fight for him. I mean, the only reason she didn't break things off with him before is because of the baby and now that it's gone, what's the point?

So the family Barry stayed with basically is almost dead. The father and the 2 eldest sons died, leaving the 2 mothers and the hot mom's son alive. Barry knows how to ruin families that's for sure.

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