Monday, August 17, 2015

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S3 E9
Braillie finally happened. I'm referring to sex y'all. I didn't even think they were going there this season since AJ  entered the picture. So what was the point of AJ and Callie? It seems absolutely pointless now and I hope Callie sets him straight because the last thing we need is Callie playing both of them when she only likes one. I'm pretty sure the only reason Callie had sex with Brandon was because she thinks she won't be adopted anymore since she proved Rita's innocence. Carmen did lie and I was wrong. I really thought Rita did it and it would have been way better of a story if Callie found out she did, but whatever. Carmen lied because she's back on drugs and that blonde bitch would have ratted her out if she told the truth, but if Callie told the truth for her, Carmen would have told everyone that Braillie was happening when they shouldn't have. But Callie did it anyway because Callie tries to do the right thing, it's just not always in her favor. It's a hard decision because Carmen was right. You have to look out for yourself even if that means throwing others under the bus. It's definitely mean, but the world is a cruel place and I couldn't hate on her for thinking that way. Callie did what she had to do and Carmen has to do what she has to do. Speaking of the blonde bitch, she is hardcore. She got her boyfriend to try to run Callie over. That bitch is sick that's all I'm going to say.

Finally, Stef and Lena are fighting over something worth fighting over. A kiss with someone you're not supposed to be kissing is always a good fight to have. We all know Monte is in love with Lena even if Lena doesn't see it, but was Lena right to not tell Stef about their kiss that meant nothing to Lena? It's debatable. I can see it from both sides. Lena didn't want to make a big deal about it and Stef thinks her hiding it from her means it was a big deal. I'm just looking forward to conversation between Lena and Monte about Monte coming clean about their kiss.

Brandon won his competition and it was well deserved. I wonder if he'll hold pianist auditions since he can't really play the piece he created. As for Mariana, she came clean to Mat about her losing her virginity when they were together, which is sad because the only reason Mat wanted to wait was because Mat is a virgin himself and he wanted his first time to be special. I'm guessing we won't be seeing Mat any time soon.

At least I was right about AJ's brother. I do get some predictions correct. AJ's brother was the one driving the car that smashed into Ana, Mariana, and Jesus. We're waiting for forensic to confirm the prints match, but we all know they will and when they do, Mike is the one that will go after him and I wonder if AJ is going to stick around when he finds out Mike is the one that put his brother behind bars.

Remember that the midseason finale is tonight, so this will be the last episode you see in awhile so don't forget to watch. Then check back afterwards for the finale review.

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