Sunday, August 23, 2015

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Hey People,

So I officially quit 24 not that it was bad or anything, I just couldn't get behind the killing of Ryan Chappelle. I didn't like the guy and I know he worked for the government, but for the President to not have the balls to order someone to die was ridiculous and what was more absurd was the President washing his hands of the situation by making Jack decide if he lived or died. What kind of president are you that you can't even make a tough decision like that? On top of that, the President is listening to a terrorist, which makes no sense because what if terrorist says to kill more people? It stupid to give in the demands of killing someone. Most importantly, why didn't the terrorist tell the President to kill Jack that would have solved all his problems right there? This season started off awful, then turned to great, then went down the road of being absurd, so no more show for me. I can't stand the injustice. If it was a bad guy, I would understand, but if our good guys do it, I no longer see them as good guys. I'll most likely go back to watching The Wire in my spare time.

I have decided that I will no longer review new shows unless I'm adding them to my list of shows. Last fall season, I did a whole bunch and most of them I ended up not watching anymore so I've decided to cut down on pictures and writing to save me some time.

Maybe you've noticed I don't really watch many USA shows and that's because USA has a tendency to not give shows a proper ending even when the show has been on for several years. I'm very skeptical about them and will only try their shows during their last season. However, Mr. Robot was getting so much hype I had to check it out. I'm still skeptical, but it's too late. I've watched the show and think its probably the best summer show out there right now.

As for WYBMS, there will be one coming out today, it should have been yesterday, but I was in New York and I thought I would have service where I was and I didn't, so be on the lookout for that today.

Luv ya,

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