Sunday, August 23, 2015

Will You Be My Servant? (26)

Megumi: And where are you heading off to?
Kimi: What are you doing in the Servant section?
Megumi: I heard that you were speaking to Rumi.
Kimi: And who did you hear that from?
Megumi: I have spies everywhere and don’t change the subject.
Kimi: I can’t say hi?
Megumi: I thought we had a deal and you seem to be breaking it.
Kimi: And what do you suppose I do, ignore her completely?
Megumi: Why not?
Kimi: Don’t you think that would look a little suspicious? People are going to notice and then they’re going to ask questions. And I think the last thing you want is people asking questions.
Megumi: You know me so well Kimiko, yet I don’t know that much about you. But I would like to. What are you doing after school?
Kimi: Let me be frank, Master Megumi. I am a Servant and as of right now, I claimed by no one. And if it so happens that I do become yours, it will strictly be a Master and Servant relationship. Nothing more, remember that.
Megumi: You know a Servant’s job is to serve her Master. Therefore, you have to do EVERYTHING I say. Remember that.
Rumi: Good you’re here.
Kimi: Scared I wasn’t going to show?
Rumi: Never. I know if you said you’ll be here, you’ll be here. So what did you want to talk about?
Kimi: I’ve been thinking about it and I don’t think this is a good idea.
Rumi: What do you say that?
Kimi: If Master Megumi finds out—
Rumi: Megumi won’t.
Kimi: It’s better and safer if someone else tutors you. Why don’t you ask Anika to help you?
Rumi: I can’t. She needs to focus on her studies.
Kimi: And I don’t?
Rumi: She has a lot of ground to cover and you, you’re #1. You’re the best and I want to learn from the best. Kimiko, I need you.
Kimi: If we’re going to do this, there has to be rules.
Rumi: Okay.
Kimi: Rule #1 No one finds out about us and I mean no one, not even Sakiko.
Rumi: I can do that.
Kimi: Rule #2 You do everything I say. EVERYTHING!
Rumi: So basically Rule #2 is I give up my right of being a Master.
Kimi: To others, nothing has changed. You are a Master and I am a Servant, nothing more. But when we’re alone, I am your Master. Do you accept Rule #2?
Rumi: … I do.
Kimi: You paused. Are you absolutely sure?
Rumi: I am you’re Servant and you are my Master. Please take care of me. <Bow>
Kimi: … For Rule #3…
Rumi: How many rules are there?
Kimi: Shhh… Someone’s coming.
Rumi: We’re in a closet. Where can we hide?
Kimi: In the corner, where the two shelves meet.
Rumi: Can we fit in there?
Kimi: We’re going to have to try.
Servant #1: If I find out that I have another test this week, I am going to scream.
Servant #2: I think we have one on Thursday.
Servant #1: Ahhhhhhh!!!!!
Servant #2: Satisfied?
Servant #1: I needed that.
Servant #2: What you need is a brain like Servant Mizuno Kimiko. Then you wouldn’t have to study at all.
Servant #1: Mizuno, it’s because of her that we have to study so hard in the first place. She makes us all look bad if our grades aren’t up to par with hers.
Servant #2: I pity her. <Kimiko clenches her fist> All she has is her grades to comfort her.
Servant #1: And Megumi.
Servant #2: She’ll get what’s coming to her, just you wait. Now where did Sensei say the box was?
Servant #1: It’s over here. You carry this and I’ll carry the rest.
Rumi: I think the coast is clear. Are you okay?
Kimi: I should be asking you that. You were probably crushed by me.
Rumi: I’m fine, but are you?
Kimi: We should leave before we get caught. I’ll leave first and in 5 minutes you can do the same.
Rumi: You know… if you need to talk to someone, you can talk to me.
Kimi: You don’t have to force yourself to be my friend just because I’m helping you.
Rumi: I want to be your friend because I choose to. And I can be a really good one, but only if you let me.
Kimi: … You are my Servant <opens door>… nothing more. <door closes>

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