Monday, August 24, 2015

The Fosters Midseason 3 Finale Review

Hey People,

The big takeaway from the finale is Callie finally got adopted and Jesus is back. My how tall and big you've grown, Jesus. I barely recognize you. The new actor who will be playing Jesus has finally arrived. I'm not going to hate on him just yet, but if Mariana and Jesus are supposed to be twins, I don't see the resemblance anymore. But it looks like Jesus was kicked out of school already, but who's surprised? I thought he would fail out, but this is close enough. Sexed a teacher? I can see it happening. What I don't understand is how were Stef and Lena not notified that Jesus was kicked out? It's not like he's in college.

Stef and Lena moved pass their issues. I don't know what they said to each other in the shed, but I really want to know. Doesn't this prove that therapy is a waste of money?

So does this mean Jonnor is dead? It was cute that they said they loved each other and I didn't initially understand why Connor wanted to leave until Jude explained he just wants to be in a happy home, and so I'm okay with him leaving. I'm going to miss Jonnor. May it rest in peace, for now. Let's just hope that if they attempt a long relationship it doesn't end up like Jesus's long distance relationship or Mariana's. What is with this family and long relationships?

Mariana forgives her infidelity, but Mat still doesn't. I actually hated how Mariana approached the topic. "I forgive me." Well good for you, but it doesn't mean I do, bitch. Good on Mat for not getting back together with her.

Jonnor wasn't the only one who finally said I love you. Brallie is happening for about 5 minutes and then Callie found out her adoption was still on. Oops! So now that Callie and Brandon had sex and Callie is officially his sister, what happens next? They love each other more than a brother and sister should and those feelings aren't just going to disappear. I feel like there will be a lot of sneaking into Brandon's room late at night in the future.

I think now is a good time to mention what was the point of AJ? He's an irrelevant character now. He tried to get with Callie and now that's totally over and we know already his brother was behind the wheel of the accident, but it wasn't necessary for them to be siblings for the story. I feel like AJ was introduced just to give Mike something to do because he's just as irrelevant as well. Think about it. Did anyone miss them during the last week's finale because they were in episode for about 2 seconds? But now that AJ's lost the girl (he just doesn't know it yet), he's become just as irrelevant as Mike. Like foster father, like foster son.

I think the next half of the season, Stef and Lena will be on good terms, but Stef will give Monte the evil eye anytime she sees her. Stef and Lena will be dealing with Jesus being kicked out of school. Jude will miss Connor and they might go down the long distance relationship, even though it hasn't worked our for Mariana or Jesus. Mariana will reconnect with Wyatt. Mike and Stef will go after AJ's brother, which creates a story for both AJ and Mike (and not a bad story at that). I'm looking forward to it being played out. As for Callie and Brandon, someone is bound to find out about those 2. I think they'll try to keep their shit on the DL for now.

I'll be back for the next half.

Luv ya,

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