Tuesday, August 25, 2015

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S2 E10
Tyrant just keeps on getting better and better. Barry is going to war and he doesn't know backup isn't coming. Jamal has completely lost it. He killed his mother instead of his intended target, Rami, and then justified it by saying she's the one that brought Rami to the palace in the first place. He pointed the finger at Rami for killing his own grandmother and now Rami and Leila are planning a coup, but it starts with Leila pulling the trigger and killing Jamal, which she cannot do. Oh yes, this episode was packed.

In other news, Sammy was left behind because families shouldn't lose more than one person in this war. Ahmed finally found out just how horrible his parents really are, but he still doesn't know the half of it yet. I don't know what's going to happen next season with the Rami-Nusrat-Ahmed love triangle, but it will be interesting to see it played out. I really don't care for Molly, but at least she was useful for this episode by informing Sammy that backup wasn't coming. Maybe she can be useful now by staying at the palace and giving Barry info.

Of course, I have to mention the kiss between Daliyah and Barry. It happened and Daliyah knows exactly where she stands with him that no words really needed to be said, but I don't think it's that simple or will even remain simple because even Sammy noticed Daliyah's feelings towards his father. This love triangle between Daliyah-Barry-Molly would actually bet better to see because I understand Barry and Molly being husband and wife and all, but you can't deny the attraction of the alluring Daliyah. For now, I'm team Daliyah.

P.S. I'm so glad we get an extra 2 episodes this season because if last week was the season finale, I would definitely not have been satisfied mainly because I would really want to know what happens next.

S1 E8
So nothing happened last week except for 3 things:
  • Emma is going crazy and is now seeing things that aren't there
  • Emma's mother admits she had a child and gave it up for adoption
  • The teacher has been caught and in my head no matter what, he goes to jail for sexing a minor
Emma's mother having a child rules out our 2nd theory, but our 1st is still intact. Mr. Branson could still be the killer, but it also means he has help aka a 2nd killer, which leads me to my new theory.

New Theory
I think Piper and Branson are siblings. Branson was the child Brandon James and Daisy had and Piper was Branson's adopted sister. Branson came back to wreck havoc in Emma's life because he and Piper had a bad upbringing and Emma got the life he always wanted. 

It's definitely doable, yet there's still so much we don't know. But that's all I got for now.

P.S. Why is the mayor in jail? You would think he would have good enough lawyers to prevent him from going to jail. At least bail him out.

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