Wednesday, March 25, 2015

iZombie Pilot Review

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So I wasn't planning on doing this review, but I felt like since I recently watched Veronica Mars and reviewed that, then I should review this as well since they share the same Exec. Producer Rob Thomas. iZombie is no Veronica Mars; however, they share many similarities, but me loving it is not one of them. Let me explain. (I will be doing a lot of Veronica Mars comparisons.)

Summary: Girl was a doctor for the living. Girl went to party. People took a new drug. People turned into zombies. A zombie scratched girl. Girl is now a zombie. Girl is still a doctor, but now works on dead people so she can eat brains. Sometimes girl get visions of how person died. End of summary of girl.

That's legit what this show is about and while I was watching all kept thinking was this is silly. Everything just seemed silly. I don't have a problem watching zombie shows (I watch TWD) and I don't have a problem with shows based on comics (Powers, anyone?) so why don't I like the show?

The girl has layers of Veronica Mars like bunches and bunches of layers. She talks like Veronica Mars and even her mannerism is like Veronica Mars. But after pulling back all these layers the one thing that is purely her is her personality. Liv, the girl, has a I don't give a shit attitude towards life, while Veronica Mars gave a whole lot of shit and dished out just as many. Liv is just living her life (see what I did there?), while Veronica dedicated her life to revenge. They are similar in a lot of things, but their personalities have a big enough difference to say Liv Moore is not Veronica Mars 2.0, but I totally wouldn't hate on people if they thought she was.

No offense, but I don't buy Liv as a doctor. The actress may be old enough, but so is Rachael Bilson and I've never bought her as a doctor either. But her and her sidekick at the morgue reminds me of the great relationship Veronica and Wallace had. I thought it was odd that he could so easily accept her being a zombie and immediately started helping, but if it weren't for him, Liv would have never thought she could be cured.

I also don't buy the cop as a cop. He doesn't dress like one and he doesn't act like one. He resonates nothing to me that says, "I'm an authority figure, respect me." A bunch of comments I read didn't like him (saying the actor is bad at acting) and I thought they were just being mean, but I can totally see why they wouldn't like him, but I don't think his acting was that bad, at least not at the level that I see some actors. I agree with someone who said Percy Daggs III should have played the cop. That would've been eye candy for me.

Last I don't buy, but I didn't buy Anders as Logan 2.0. We rarely saw him in the pilot, but he came off as the Logan type. The roles I've seen Anders play have always been such serious types, but that's my own personal issue and if he's a good actor (which I think he is) he'll be able to pull it off. Like I said, he was rarely in the pilot.

Liv also has a mother, brother, best friend, and a ex-boyfriend that love her and still care about to notice she has changed. To me, all you have to do is look at her to notice that. She's pale as shit and no one seems to notice it (except for the weather guy--Cliff from VM). I'm guessing everyone just thinks she's Gothic now like the cop said.

Cast: Rose Mclver (Once Upon A Time), Malcom Goodwin, Rahul Kohli, Robert Buckley (666 Park Avenue), David Anders (The Vampire Diaries, Once Upon A Time)

Judgement: This will be a pass for me. It's not a must see, but there are a lot of Veronica Mars fans who did enjoy the pilot, I just wasn't one of them. I think fans are just happy to get a Veronica Mars 2.0 from Rob Thomas even though it's inferior to the Mars world.

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P.S. I do like how this show does away with that stupid zombie rule--in the world of zombies, you don't say the word zombie.

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