Thursday, January 22, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Marshmallows For Everyone!

Hey People,

I finally watched Veronica Mars. It's been on my to-do list since I caught an episode of it when it was actually on. So before I get in the review, let me tell you I did watch a few of these episodes when it was on. I didn't know what season it was and I was watching randomly. I don't even remember why I was watching it. Turns out, I watched the finale of season 2 and the beginning of season 3 so I already knew who gave her chlamydia, I just didn't know the background of the story. I was going to watch it before the movie came out, but school got in the way and so I didn't finish it. I didn't get very far, only 10 episodes in of the 1st season. So I decided this time I would finish what I started and I watched all the way through plus the movie. So let's begin.

Summary: Once part of the in crowd and now on the out, Veronica has to clear her family's name even if that means bringing down some of the most richest people in Neptune.

Season 2 > Season 3 > Season 1 > Movie

Okay let's start with what I loved. I have seen so many cops shows to the point where, if it's not something new or exciting, I immediately take it off my TV List. When it comes to scripted TV in America, it seems like all they can only produce is cop, doctor, or lawyer shows, mostly the former. So when it comes to solving cases whether it be murder, medical, or legal, I tend to be very skeptical that I would enjoy it and more critical since there are so many of them. Veronica Mars turns murder cases on its head.

I love how she was in high school and then went to college. I used to watch a lot of teenage dramas and the CW is very guilty of this, but they would never show the kids going to school or even catch them doing homework. (Looking at you, Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries.) So glad Veronica actually acted her age at times. She cried. She got scared for her life. She knew her limits of what she could handle and what she couldn't. Veronica wasn't invincible, which I liked because I hate when heroes just run into a situation and not thinking maybe I should have taken backup, but Veronica always had Backup.

I also liked how the show was set up. They had a whole season case she would be working on, but also had those cases-of-the-week. And one of the best things about this show is they didn't prolong anything just to extend it. By the end of the season, you know who killed whom and for what reason. As for those cases-of-the-week, I enjoyed them as well because they were so plausible. I would have totally hired her if she was at my high school, but I may not have been able to pay her. Girl was expensive.

As annoying as the Sheriff was, I liked how Keith and Veronica were private investigators. It showed us how a normal person would go about solving a case. Yes, they had connections to go about it sometimes, but it's the thought that counts.

Veronica Mars also proves 3 important facts that were once myths. 1) This might be the most important one--a boy and a girl can be friends, stay friends and never experience romantic feelings for the other (Veronica and Wallace). 2) When there is a clear winner in the love-triangle, you don't prolong the love-triangle. It didn't become a will-they, won't-they either since they already did close to the end of the 1st season (Veronica and Logan). 3) Parents seem disappear in the background on teenage shows either by getting killed or just leaving for long extended amount of time Veronica Mars is no different except for Keith (Veronica and Keith).

I actually love watching the show now than watching it when it was on because I got to see so many people who are famous now and some even starring in their own shows. There really are a lot of them in this show and I was surprised to see some Whedon girls show up as well. Didn't even know they were in the show until I saw them on the screen.

Now for the ugly. I hated how they painted feminists to be anti-men. Those bitches were crazy. They definitely raised the issues of the rapes on campus, but what feminists shouldn't do is point the blame, especially when they had no evidence. Even when Veronica proved the fraternity's innocence, they still blamed them. But the WTF came when one of them faked being raped. You just don't do that.

The other bad is the movie. Although is was nice to see familiar faces, I thought the movie was too factual. It didn't have the spark or the lightness that was shown in the show. The show was pretty funny even though they were dealing with heavy topics, but the movie was just so serious. One thing that really bugged me was Leighton Meester not being in it because of scheduling conflict. She was so important in the movie, they should have used another character. There were also some small things I wish I knew what happened:
  • What happened to Duncan?
  • Why is Wallace still single when he looks that fine?
  • Why is Mac single when she looks that fine? And her hair is amazing in the film!
  • Why is Keith still single? Man was a chick magnet!
  • Whatever happened to Max and Mac?
  • What ever happened to Jackie? She graduated with everyone else too.
  • Did Dick connect with his father before he went to the big house?
  • Didn't Veronica say she didn't have sex with Piz on the "sex tape" so why is everyone acting like she did?
  • How did Parker's hair grow so fast?
  • How come there wasn't a big investigation on Aaron Echolls?
  • Whatever happened to Weevil taking that fake card maker?
  • Wish they spent more time on The Castle and what was on that list.
Cast: Kristen Bell (Frozen, House of Lies), Jason Dohring (Ringer), Percy Daggs III, Francis Capra, Enrico Colantoni (Just Shoot Me, Person of Interest), Ryan Hansen (Party Down, 2 Broke Girls, Bad Judge), Tina Majorino (Napoleon Dynamite, Grey's Anatomy, Legends), and Chris Lowell (Private Practice, Enlisted).

Judgement: This show is worth the try. It's a cute show that has its charm and is definitely not overrated. Even when I knew who the killer was in season two I continued to watch because I wanted to know why and even that was a shock to me, which is why it's my favorite season.

Luv ya,

P.S. Spitting in someone else's drink is disgusting.

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