Friday, January 23, 2015

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S3 E2
Hood and the gang were researching the base for their heist. Turns out Carrie was sleeping with the enemy, but once she found out, she ended it with a guy. Sad, really. I kinda liked how he serviced her all the time. But I am glad we found out they are stealing from thieves, now I don't feel guilty anymore.

Rebecca has gone off the rails. She's just killing everybody now. You created a monster Proctor. Speaking of Proctor, his mother has moved in with them since she's dying of pancreatic cancer. I say let her die with her family on the farm, not in some place she doesn't know. I bet she'll die of a heart attack, if she finds out Proctor is banging his niece. 

Littlestone is not that bright if he thinks sending 2 guys to kidnap Proctor and Rebecca would be enough, especially when they have that psychopath protecting them. Man is not smart and you need to be if your messing with Proctor.

There was 3 great moments between characters last episode. 1) Hood and Siobhan - they're talking about moving in together. Cute. 2) Carrie and Nola - love girls that can fight. Did anyone else get a vibe of Nola and Carrie? 3) Hood and Deva - he's never listened to Gordon before, I don't know why he should start now.

Speaking of Gordon, he has really gone down the hole. I thought he was going to kill himself last night, but he actually made the decision to turn his life around. Surprised I was. Gordon is who I think is at the door in the end to kill the #1 problem in his life, but I'm most likely wrong. It's probably someone we've seen, but haven't seen yet this season.

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