Saturday, January 17, 2015

12 Monkeys Pilot Review

Hey People,

So I just watched the show 12 Monkeys and yes I have seen the movie. It was years ago and I saw it while surfing the channels and decided to watch it. Loved it until I saw that ending. That ending ruined the movie for me so I'm hoping the same doesn't happen in this series and I'm pretty sure it won't. Let me explain.

Summary: Time travel, save the world, nuff said.

With that extensive summary, you should be up to date about what's happening in this episode. Now when you have a time travel plot 2 things can happen

  1. What happens in the past doesn't affect the future.
  2. What happens in the past does affect the future.
This show is leaning towards the latter. You can tell by the watch being scratched. If it were the former, then the watch would have been scratched when he found it. However, I was confused when Frost told our heroes that he had already seen Cole in 1987. But I came to the conclusion that Cole and the gang in the year 2043 have already tried this before and failed. Therefore, Cole's present is someone else's past since someone had to warn somebody else in the year 2043 to seek an alternative solution. Jeez, explaining time travel is difficult, but fun. Hopefully that made sense.

Now the search for the 12 Monkeys behind this virus is on!

Cast: I was happy to see 2 vets from Nikita (Aaronn Stanford and Noah Bean) and a vet from Fringe (Kirk Acevedo). As well as Amanda Schull from Suits (which I have yet to see) and (Pretty Little Liars). 

Judgement: This could have been an epic fail, but it wasn't and I'm willing to go along for the ride.

Luv ya,

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