Saturday, January 17, 2015

Fox Renews Empire and Gotham!

Hey People,

After 2 episodes with the latest outperforming the pilot episode (which rarely happens), Fox has decided to renew its biggest scripted series Empire, which took the spot from HTGAWM  as the #1 new show of the season.

Empire has proven that an African-American cast in a drama series can be successful. Maybe it's time for shows to stop casting based on race (unless casting family members) and start looking at talent because they might be missing a Cookie.

Gotham was also renewed alongside Empire. Gotham has yet to find its footing (mostly what to do with Barbara), but how can you say no to the potential Bat?

Hopefully the show settles in its rhythm before the season ends or the show might start dwindling in numbers and Fox might end up regretting the early renewal.

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