Sunday, January 18, 2015

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S2 E11
Not much happened last episode except Henry dying, but it didn't stick so what was the point in that? I didn't think the fight between Henry and Lucille would be such a big one, but when you start playing the blame game, how can it not be? In the end, everything is back to normal except now Henry is a returned.

Marty and the new pastor think they can bring people back from the dead and according to the new pastor, there is a line of people waiting to return.

Rachael finally made her way back to town. Was she on the other side of the world? Took her forever and a day. She's now staying above Elaine's bar for the time being and will pay her rent as a waitress.

Now that there is a way to help the returned return can they return Tom back?

Not Showing This Week (Returns March)

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