Sunday, January 18, 2015

Hart Of Dixie S4 E2 Diary

Dear Diary,

Mr. Perfect is still around amazing the heck out of everyone. Even Dash is smitten by him. That guy is really starting to piss me off. But then I overheard Lemon talking about how she is just with Mr. Perfect so she can get checks from her grandmother, who is so vigilant that Lemon get a man. Now everything is starting to make sense. Mr. Perfect is no longer Mr. Perfect, but now will be referred to as Mr. Golddigger. Oh and someone is pregnant in Blue Bell! How is that news not out already?

I had an appointment with Dr. Hart this afternoon and while I was sitting in the waiting room. I heard AB shriek at the sight of Shelby and Dr. Breeland kissing! I didn't know they were back together. I did always think they were cute though, even if Shelby is weird and has a shoe fetish. At least she makes money off it with that app of hers. Another secret AB has to keep. I'm starting to feel sorry for her

When Dr. Hart finally arrived, she was practically screaming about a baby and where did it come from. She's a doctor, she should already know where it came from. What's up her butt? Forget this appointment, I ain't dealing with a crazy Hart today.

While I was walking I did notice Levon and George heading in the flower shop. Are they buying flowers for each other to make up for the bad times they had?

I went to the Bon Voyage party for Mrs. Breeland and AB looked like she was about too burst. What was even more funny was Dr. Breeland and Lemon's faces. Eventually AB was about to crack and Dr. B told the truth about him still dating the Shelby the crazy lady. Next thing you know Wade comes barging into the party asking where's Lemon. Apparently, he told Hart he wants to take things slow and AB told him that was dumb. I don't see how it's dumb, I think it's cute. It's definitely not the females in this town, but anyone in Hart's circle.

When I got home I read Dash's blog and someone else must have discovered who Mr. Golddigger is besides me. I guess AB won't have to worry about those secrets anymore. But I still don't know who's having a baby in Blue Bell.

Luv ya,

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