Monday, January 19, 2015

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Hey People,

S1 E11
Wow that was a really bad winter premiere. I would even call it a stinker of a filler episode. I guess no one heeded my fixes for the show because I'm pretty sure it just got worse. I seriously had almost fallen asleep. And to introduce Morena Baccarin of all people in this episode was a slap in the face to her.

Anyway, Gordon is working his new job as a guard at the Arkham Asylum. Someone is electrocuting the inmates. Gordon meets Dr. Thompkins who helps take care of the inmates. Turns out an inmate was perfecting his technique and escaped with an inmate that he worked on. End of the case-of-the-week.

Meanwhile, Penguin is thrown to jail and stayed there the whole night as his lesson of the day. Maroni thought it was a good idea for Penguin to learn he is just another monkey and not the zookeeper.

Barbara is still pointless as ever as she gets dumped by Montoya because Montoya thinks they are toxic for each other. She calls her place to only hear the voice of a girl at the other end so now she thinks Gordon is cheating on her. I don't know why this woman is getting upset when she has been cheating on Gordon this whole time and also is the one that left. Granted it is her place though. But how could she not tell it was a little girl on the phone? She even sounded like a little girl. The other girl on the line was Ivy and she and Cat stayed there because Ivy was sick and Cat knew the place was empty.

Mooney is still planning her rise to the top and now we know how dedicated her soldiers are to her.

There was a few things I did like about this episode such as the villain and the twist that the woman was a patient there, but it wasn't enough to hold my interest of the show. This show needs work and hopefully they start mending soon or I'll have to leave them. BTW, who gives Edward Scissorhands gloves to inmates?

S7 E11
Well that was a fun episode. Everyone was so worried that Castle wouldn't be working with the gang anymore, but I knew it could work and Castle makes one hell of a P.I. almost even Veronica Mars level.

Case-of-the-week: Not really as exciting as other cases, but it got the job done. A woman, who worked at a school was setup to believe her boyfriend from back in the day didn't die by accident. Turns out, an attorney set her up and killed her all so the prosecutor could take the blame of killing her. I know so far-fetched.

Anyway, the main focus of the show wasn't the case, but how the case was worked. Castle and Beckett were competing against each other to see who can solve the murder case first since Castle can no longer work with the gang anymore. It seems like they can't solve cases without each other, which just means to me that they are way too dependent on each other. There definitely was some sexy time during the episode, which was greatly appreciated and it seems as though the Castle the P.I. will be sticking around a little bit longer, which I don't mind.

Last episode had a great balance of humor, murder, and sex appeal. Castle at its best.

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