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Jane The Virgin S1 Midseason Finale Review

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Okay I had no idea who Paulina Rubio and I'm going to act like I did. However, it was because I could tell that this girl's day job probably isn't acting that I concluded she was probably a real life singer and I was right. Alright, I just had to get that out of the way. Let's start the review.

Jane has three problems in this episode. (1) Loose Lucy aka Xo, (2) Petra, and (3) Rafael. Loose Lucy story is solved rather quickly, since Xo didn't want Jane to end up like her and have her dream not fulfilled. So Xo sent the story to the publisher because she's a great mother and luckily for her, she has a great baby-daddy, who hooked her up with meeting her idol, Paulina Rubio, without her knowledge so she wouldn't give up her dream of becoming a pop singer.

As for Petra, well, she wanted rights to the unborn baby and Jane and Rafael weren't having any of it. They both agreed Petra was probably doing it for the money, but because of their different parenting skills, they had trouble coming up with a solution to their problem. Eventually, they agreed to Michael helping them with their problem. Even though, Michael was a bust in helping them, they did discover that the talk Petra had with Jane revealed Petra is lying about her age which means she's lying about who she is, which we already know. It was nice to see her back story of her and her mother. It explained how her mother got her scar and couldn't walk and how Petra became Petra, but we'll get to that later. With this new discover, Jane and Rafael were able to counter Petra's lawsuit against them and of course, Petra backed off to keep her history hidden.

As for Rafael, Jane thought Rafael just thought money solved everything, while Rafael thought Jane was naive to certain things. It actually took the work of both them to solve their issue. In the words of Rafael, "we are better, together".

Meanwhile, Jane came to realize that her mother has been protecting Jane from the men who come in and out of Xo's life, which is why she appears loose, but Jane eventually notices her mom is probably just using her as an excuse to not get hurt and that Xo should go after Rogelio if that would make her happy. Speaking of Rogelio, he didn't win his Palomas, but he got something better--a daughter that would bet on him to win. Also of note, Rogelio is like a hashtag generator genius.

Jane's grandmother got drunk at the after party, so much so that she went to Petra's room to confront the b*tch for trying to rights to the baby. G-ma didn't expect Petra's mother to be there, nor did she think someone would be there against his will. G-ma took the stairs because it would be faster. Always take the elevator, people! At least they have cameras in there as we all know since the Solange and Jay-Z incident. Petra's mother can walk and she pushed Alba down the stairs! What does this mean for Alba? Will she remember what she saw? In soaps, it's like a right of passage that someone is going to end up with amnesia. I should have expected it, but since I love this show so much, I don't mind it being used, even though it's the biggest cliche in soaps in any language.

Lastly, Michael, Michael, Michael. This man is so desperate to find something on Rafael that he would pay off his own brother to make sh*t up. No offense to Michael, but I don't see how passports and money means you're guilty of something. It just means to me that the man goes places and needs money. I mean the man did just come back from Mexico looking for his sister and who's to say all those passports were his. That was just one huge leap Michael took. Anyway, many people believe Rafael isn't Sin Rostro because he would be the easiest choice. I just don't think it's him because then there is no way Jane would want to be with him since he's a killer and drug lord. My guess would be either Rafael's sister who is just acting like a screw up and while she was missing was actually taking care of her business or Rafael's father, who I think most people believe it is. Either way, it's one of Rafael's family members which is just going to cause more drama for our love birds.

Jane the Virgin comes back on Jan 19th and with 2 Golden Globes nominations under its belt, it seems like JTV will most likely come back for another season. Keep watching, people!

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P.S. Don't you just feel bad for the Czech guy? If Petra hadn't turned off the TV he could have escaped. But most of the time, what they show on TV is fake anyway. I doubt it would work for him. And yet, I have to say that would totally happens to me. I leave the room and then I miss an important part. Glad I'm not the only one with bad luck.

P.P.S. I bet you, the CW will launch a whole new campaign for this show because of their first noms for a Golden Globe for one of their shows.

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