Sunday, January 25, 2015

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S2 E12
We're already here kids! Tonight will be the season finale, which is really sad too because as lackluster as this season has kinda been of late, I think it just started to get good. So far I thought Margaret was the bad of the season, but she's just a misguided good person like Fred was in the 1st season and I think the new pastor is the same way. They need to start introducing some actual bad people to actually be the baddie of the season. I thought the grandfather who died in the factory fire was a good opportunity, but just ended up going no where. I'll save the rest for the review after tonight.

As of last week, the new pastor has set everyone being held by the government free when he poisoned them all. Now he has a bunch of followers. It is way too easy to manipulate people when you do one nice thing for them. The new pastor believes Rachael's baby is the devil since it never lived. It seems like the baby may have some type of control over the return since all the returned were hypnotized and Jacob seems to be experiencing headaches and somehow he knows it's because of the baby. So what does this mean? The baby needs to die.

Rachael is staying at the Langstons since no one would know she was there, but because Jacob told Margaret about his headaches caused by the baby, Margaret is now working with the pastor and they know exactly where the Rachael is.

It seems like this finale will end in a fight. Just in case this is a series finale, I hope they wrap up the story that I won't have to say, "Well that was a waste." And we can we get a kiss or something between Marty and Maggie. I mean, c'mon already!

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