Sunday, January 25, 2015

Reign S2 E11 Diary

Dear Diary,

It's been awhile since I've written an entry. Let's me catch you up. The Darkriders are at it again, but this time bearing their mark on the dead. Will it be a religious matter or a king matter is still in the air. Word at the castle is Louis bears the mark of one and if he does he'll be hanged. Mary left rather quickly when news got out. I wonder if she's willing to protect him.

Catherine has to be on something. I sometimes hear her talking to herself and sometimes I hear her in other ways. She's even delivering Claude her own food. I know I should be happy about this since it gives me less work, but when a royal wants to do something, like how Francis wants to be around Mary so he shows up with logs of wood, it's usually for a reason. Now Kenna is feeding and reading to Claude. I thought Kenna hated her. I don't understand the women in this castle. 
The little prince is sick and Lola is stuck taking care of him because she doesn't trust any of us since the attack, That's fine by me. I was sick of his throw ups anyway. Less work for me to do. It took Francis to hold him to shut that baby up.

I heard a scream last night coming from the corridor of the pope's minion. Totally random if you ask me, but I did hear about the cardinal and his underling being lovers. Now I know it's true. I was the one that saw what the cardinal did for his lover. Making sure he was warm at night. Aww, that would be so cute if it weren't for the fact that the cardinal is an ass. Francis used this knowledge to get the Vatican off Louis's back. 

I don't know if the royals and nobles know this, but the castle echos, so secrets tend not to stay secrets when people are screaming at each other. That's how I know Bash slept with Claude. I thought Bash was smart. How could he not know Claude was lying. She lies every time she opens her mouth. Like mother, like daughter.

Turns out, Catherine was poisoning Claude because she got it in her head that Cluade murdered them. They should really keep the door closed if they don't want other people to hear. Claude has no recollection of her doing any such thing. Is Catherine sure it was Claude who did it?

Luv ya,

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