Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Why I Will Never Be A Lost Or Pretty Little Liars Fan

Hey People,

So there was an uproar last night over the Pretty Little Liars finale. I used to be a fan of Pretty Little Liars back in the day and I watched it until the end of the 2nd season. So why did I quit? Because I knew I. Marlene King's game and I wasn't going to play and I think those of you who were upset about the finale should stop playing too.

When I watched the finale of the 2nd season, I thought the same thing you thought then and what you thought last night, "We're finally going to know who A is." But it didn't happen then and it wasn't revealed now. If you want to stay positive, you can think at least you know more about A now then you did before, but I know a lot of people aren't satisfied with that.

King does the same old trick. She has numerous red herrings that are pointless and she promises you something that she doesn't deliver on. I knew what she was doing by the end of 2nd season and it seems like she's kept up with the same formula. I thought back then if she wasn't going to reveal it there, then she wasn't going to reveal it until the series finale and by then, I thought, it would be too late and I doubt it would make sense. The thing about these type of shows that hang on the balance of a reveal is that there needs to be a plan from the beginning and I doubt King had one or maybe she did the first season and because the show went on for so long she had to scrap it. It happens, but what you don't want to happen is a Gossip Girl scenario, where they reveal who it is and it makes absolutely no fucking sense or worse they reveal who it is and it's a fucking noob. Neither option is pretty, nor does it satisfy fans. Hell, even sometimes when they do have an end game it fails because they didn't execute it right (looking at you HIMYM).

If you really hate what King did to you, then do what I did and quit the show. I still read up on what happens sometimes and every time I do, I'm glad I quit. I have not regretted my decision and I don't think I ever will. If King was a decent writer, she would have revealed who it was (face and everything) and then have the last season be about the PLL getting revenge or at least proving A is who he is. You know that would have been all kinds of awesome and the girls deserve that much after being tortured all the years.

As for Lost, I stuck that in there because people were complaining how PLL just gives more questions and not enough answers. I felt the same way with Lost. By the time Lost answered one of my questions, I had 50 more just like it. I quit at the end of the 4th season because I knew they wouldn't be able to answer everything by the end of the series and I was right. I totally would've been that person who bitched about how Lost didn't answer all the questions it raised and in someway, I'm bitching about it now, but at least I can say I didn't fall for their shit. And yes, it is satisfying to say that. If you want a show that answers all the questions it raises, go watch Fringe. You won't regret it.

If you decide to stick with the show because it's the final season, I understand, but don't say I didn't warn you if you don't like the ending.

Luv ya,

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