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S1 E4
Who let the Wolfe out? Ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff. Man that song brings back memories. Okay so it turns out Royalle has been visiting Wolfe for months to create Sway. Wolfe is Sway. But because Wolfe was picked in the eye too many times, he developed a tolerance for it and therefore started becoming stronger. Now he's out of his cage and running rampant feeding on people to gain more power. The episode ends with him feeding on a Power, which isn't good people.

Meanwhile, Walker took Sway, which is really stupid to be honest because he knows that thing kills powers. Now he's throwing up and walking like a Walker on TWD. Haha Walker's a Walker (it's funny, at least to me it is). He finds Wolfe, but Wolfe seems to be in his own world. I'm guessing being under the weather for so long has messed up his head. The fact that he eats people is already messed up to begin with.

Retro Girl flew off somewhere to help with a hurricane, but #whothefuckcares If this shit goes south which it seems like it already has, she won't be there to save the day. Zora, on the other hand, wants to be the hero and thinks this is her big chance. All we've seen this girl do so far is play with some blue blocks. I really don't get her power. Apparently it has something to do with lighting.

Royalle and Walker could have prevented Wolfe's killing sprees if they did what he asked them to do years ago--kill him. Royalle was planning on running (like he usually does), but Annoying Girl talked him out of it and to take responsibility by killing Wolfe in return she'll stay with him. Annoying Girl was actually not annoying in this episode, she actually became interesting when she made Wolfe agree to help her kill her father. Now who is her daddy? Wolfe goes back to the prison, but gets stuck in the Drainer so now he's stuck in a cell. That was a quick fail.

As for that power hater kid, he and Chaotic Chic are planning something to get revenge for the kid's father. Well more like she's planning something for him to thank him for getting revenge for her last week. I swear they are going to start a movement #powerhaters

S1 E17
I wasn't really all that interested in the case-of-the-week, but it did get a nice twist in the end that I much enjoyed. It was about a bunch of hackers that had the key to the city by having all the codes to get into any system they wanted. Now here's what I don't get. Why would a some cyber agent hand over the codes just like that? Was the sex that good that she was just like "Here are the codes baby. Now let's get married?" She obviously gave them to the hacker, I just don't understand why. Anyway, so this hacker group got the codes and when the hacker who slept with her dumped the agent because he got what he wanted, she killed him and started in on his posse.

So when the real girlfriend was next on the agent's list she wanted to disappear and needed her death certificate. That's when Henry comes in. The girlfriend knew Henry was a fake (even though he really is a doctor just not from this century) and so she blackmailed him. But Henry has a code he lives by that the girlfriend, nor the agent could persuade him to break. In the end, the girlfriend does a solid for Henry for saving her life and catching the killer by fixing up his records so no one would know the difference.

In the flashback, Henry meets his first wife, Nora, after she put him in the asylum and she now believes Henry to be immortal since she's old and he's still sexy as ever. When Henry didn't want to go public, Nora tried to prove it to people by shooting him, but she shot the nurse instead (probably on purpose if she knew Henry was banging her). Off to the asylum she probably went.

S4 E17
Well that was a twist for us. Let's start with the case-of-the-week. A therapist who lost his wife 8 years ago due to someone murdering her is now a vigilante who gets revenge for his patients. That would make a great comic. I'm just saying. But when the man who went down for the murder gets out, the therapist puts to work a plan he's been planning for years.

At 1st I thought I liked the therapist (me love vigilantes!), but then I thought he was a perpetrator because he was planning against the man he thinks killed his wife. Then Reese and Fusco wanted to let the guy go through with his plan, but I was on Finch's side. We didn't know for sure if the guy did it or not and besides he already served time for it. I'm guessing he got out for good behavior. I thought the therapist was going to kill the "murderer" once I saw his neighbor take the dog, but in the end, he turned the gun on himself and for some reason I didn't see that one coming. Finch talked him out of it telling him not to ruin the good memories, revenge isn't the answer and some other type of bullshit. And so the therapist backed down. Yet, I like how the show leaves it in the air on whether the guy killed his wife or not. We will probably see the guy back in an episode in the future.

Meanwhile, Reese got closer to his personal therapist by telling her how he lost someone he once loved and how he doesn't know how to deal with grief.

There was no Root and obviously no Shaw so this episode seemed more like a season 1 type and I was expecting a little bit more after how things ended the episode before this.

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