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S2 E20
I don't know how I got this wrong. How is Monte not gay? She is sending the biggest gay vibe towards Lena I've ever seen. She did say she should try with woman so it's not like its impossible.

The recap We find out Callie has been a victim of credit card theft and since time is of the essence (EMANCIPATION), she needs to get this squared away. Stef does her cop thing and it leads back to Mr. Pervert, Callies ex-foster brother. He could have gotten away with it to if it weren't for Stef and Callie's meddling. He took credit cards out on his new foster sister and when she found out, she spilled the beans on everything. Mr. Pervert is going away for a long time on charges of identity theft and his sexual activities with a minor.

Brandon how to teach the twins how to drive (people are going to die if they get on the road). But the biggest takeaway last week for him was Lou isn't talking to him ever since he chose to go to camp for the summer.

Mariana had an issue with Emma since she quit the dance team because she doesn't believe women can be smart and sexy (I have you know I am both of those things and more ;) but it seems Mariana has figured out a way for Emma to have it all. We just know what it is yet. Hopefully she doesn't do something crazy (even though secretly I want her to do something crazy).

Seems like another person is moving into the house. How many rooms does that place have? Ana is moving and even though she made her decision to give the baby to the moms, I'm thinking there will be a custody battle for it between the moms and the grandparents. I think grandparents are too old to be raising a baby by choice. They did their time, why do extra? I think that letter Ana wrote to them that Mariana delivered will want them to adopt. We'll see if I'm right. It was nice to see an Ugly Betty vet though.

Oh Jonnor is such a beautiful thing. Connor ended up getting shot in the foot (although I don't know how since he was running away from shooter, not towards him). The father shouldn't have a gun if he was aiming to kill. He shouldn't have gun since he didn't look to see who it was in the 1st place. Anyway Connor came out to his father and his father had forbid him to see Jude. Honestly, I don't know why the father would play childish games and lie about the whole thing. Instead of telling Jude's parents he doesn't want Jude around Connor because Connor is attracted to Jude, he puts all the blame on Jude and tell his moms Jude is a bad influence on his son. You can't stop love.

I was reading a comment section and people were arguing about their kids watching Jonnor and how they are a bad influence because they are so young. Jonnor is the youngest gay pairing ever on TV and I have to say the way they are writing them is beautiful. Out of all the romantic relationships formed on The Fosters, Jonnor has to be the best written so far. I'm not including Stef and Lena because they've been together throughout the entire show. I think the people who have a problem with Jonnor are the same people who think being gay is sexual and can't be as innocent as a boy and a girl. If a boy and a girl can kiss when they're 14 and everyone finds it cute, then why can't a boy and a boy kiss at the same age and everyone find it cute? Think about it.

Tonight is the season finale so make sure you watch because there won't be a new one for quite some time.

S7 E17
"You cannot leave behind what is always at your side." That is a really nice quote. Someone had to have said that before.

Beckett thinks she's fallen behind career-wise and it doesn't help that a beautiful, inspector, and wife comes in to help solve a case. Beckett is envious and even jealous of her life. She has the job and the family. She has it all. She has balance. But that was just all a lie. She's separated from her husband and all she has is her job now. This girl is barely making it. In the end, it seems like Beckett is the one with the perfect life or should I say the perfect balance to life.

The case-of-the-week was actually really sad and I felt bad for the killer. I think this may be the first time I felt bad for the killer on Castle. I could be wrong though. A man was killed for helping an immigrant get out of her deal with the human smuggler by setting up a guy so he would go to jail. The thing was the immigrant's friend wasn't part of the deal and she didn't want to left all alone while her friend earned her freedom, and so she killed the victim so she wouldn't lose her friend.

I want to end on a happy note so let's talk about Beckett's list. Beckett made a list of what she wants for her future. Kids is definitely on the list, but I'm guessing so is being a senator. Think about it. Morgan (he will always be Morgan to me from Chuck) said Beckett was a senator in the future and in this episode Beckett isn't satisfied with just being a detective anymore. She wants to climb mountains. She thinks there is something more she could be doing. A senator fits that perfectly. Maybe future Morgan was right or crazy.

I just want to add when Castle said he's had experience with marriage since this is his 3rd wife, did anyone else say, "Obviously you didn't learn anything since this is your 3rd wife"?

Tonight I hear will be a Ryan-centric episode. The last time we had one of those, it was amazing. I'm hoping they can top themselves tonight.

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