Monday, March 23, 2015

The Good Wife S6 E16 Review

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So the campaign is finally over and I think many fans are glad that it's over, myself included. So far most comments I've been reading aren't happy that Alicia won. Let me make it official. ALICIA WON PEOPLE! I'm glad that she won. To those who are upset that she did, well I know you would be more upset if she lost because then you would just be complaining about how the show wasted this whole season on this story-line when she was going to lose anyway. I know I would have started a riot. And to those who wanted her to lose so she could go back to being a lawyer, she's still a lawyer. She'll probably have more cases to deal with now, she just won't be handling them herself. She'll be more like a lawyer whisperer telling her minions what to do and who to watch out for. The Good Wife is no longer a procedural, it's a serial show now so to those who just want Alicia to just do cases, this show isn't for you anymore.

So Alicia was basically playing Halo the whole time. I have to say that's like a plus, plus, plus in my book for Finn. A man who plays video games is a man who's after my heart. While Alicia is was playing with him (not in the way I would like), she finds out he's seeing someone. It didn't faze her probably because she was thinking, "Well I'm getting some from Johnny so it's all good," but little does she know that might not be for long. Johnny decided to take the gig in LA after seeing Alicia celebrating her win with Peter. Johnny should know it's all for show. I'm upset we didn't get to see any of the action and if he's leaving I guess there would be no point to it.

Alicia tried to hire Prady as her Deputy, but he declined because he didn't believe in her views. If this was real I would totally vote for Prady all day. He's an honest man and I value honesty any day. It would be interesting if Alicia asked Finn to be her Deputy though. If Johnny leaves and Finn is her underling, then Alicia would become the new Will, as in, she would be in the same position as Will. If she develops feelings for her co-worker then she will be in some deep shit because we all know (due to Cary having a problem with this when he worked there) co-workers can't see each other. But that's way in the future. Who knows who will be her Deputy, but my money is on Finn. I also hope that this isn't the last we see of Marissa and somehow Alicia gives her a job. Hell, I hope this isn't the last we see of Johnny.

Alicia was right, Peter knew exactly what he was doing. He set her up to fail and I'm actually confused as to why. I think it's more than what Alicia came to the conclusion of (There can only be one winner in the family). I honesty believe he did it to get back at her for the race issue he has since Alicia did her speech. Some people commented saying Peter wouldn't sabotage. That's not like him. But it's not beneath him either. Remember this is politics, Peter's territory, and we all know Peter will protect what's his. He corrected in the end so everything is forgiven I guess.

Diane was on her own adventure or what she might call it, her worst nightmare. Diane went hunting with her husband and the richest people in America were there, which means they were all Republicans. Diane tried to pursue a potential client, but that was an epic fail when she mistook the mistress for the wife. However, she did land the 4th richest man in the country so that was a huge win.

Republicans should have loved this episode. There was a huge topic discussed in this episode that have divided Rep/Dem for years. For me, I'm Pro-Choice and I hate when people say Pro-Abortion because then you're just missing the point. The point isn't that they choose abortion, but that they have a choice and one isn't made for them. You're body shouldn't be dictated by someone else. However, I'm only Pro-Choice because the woman has to carry the baby for 9 months. Now if in the future they find a way for babies to be born without the woman for 9 months, then I would gladly switch to Pro-Life because I do believe it is not fair for men to want a baby, but the woman doesn't and the woman wins because she has to carry it. However, I will always believe that in cases of rape, abortion should be an option.

Kalinda was in her own little world separated from everyone else. When's the last time she did something for the firm since Cary's case? We now know the SUV wasn't following Bishop's son, but Kalinda and Pine from the SA's office is the one behind it. If she's involved, then this has to do with the switch she did for Cary, but it would be way more interesting if it's because of her husband. Will Alicia's first act of duty be to convict Kalinda? Now that would be a really good send off. Alicia vs. Kalinda (or should I say the SA vs A/L) for the season finale. Will that be how Alicia and Kalinda end up in the same room, across from each other, in court? I'm excited to see if my prediction will come true.

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