Thursday, April 23, 2015

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See this is what happens when I get distracted by video games, I ignore my duties of television.

S2 E18
I quite liked the last number-of-the-week. I didn't think she was bad. She was going after the 1%, but I was confused on whether she was going after all 1 percenters or just the ones that setup her husband because Cooper said they were releasing the innocent ones and I thought she was just going after the people that were in on the inside trading and those who tried to shut her husband up. Either way, I still don't think she's that bad so I was glad that she got away and Red hired her. Felt bad for her lady love though. I honestly think she did learn to love the woman who she was planning to setup, which is why she couldn't go through with killing her to frame her boss. Vanessa Cruz is awesome and I hope we get to see her in the future.

As for #WhoShotRed, I hope it was Tom just so Liz won't hesitate to kill him. I'll even hope for an meteorite to hit him, anything to get rid of the guy. He's overstayed his welcome for me. No, man stop trying to get back with Liz. You are nothing more than a bad reminder of how bad she is at her job. But my logical guess would be someone who's being blackmailed by Red, so basically any of those rich snobs in the group. But then again, they voted not to kill Red since most of them agreed Red wasn't bluffing about having the Fulcrum even though he was, but now he actually has it so who cares. Maybe it was the one who back stabbed Red by killing his insider in the group. He has nothing to lose since Red said he was going to take him out.

Will Red live? Of course, this show would be nothing without him. I actually can't wait to see him get revenge on who shot him. As for Liz, she finally knows the truth about Red inserting the annoying Tom in her life, and once again, she said she was through with Red (how many times has it been now?), but then Red got shot, so I doubt it will stick, not like they ever do anyway.

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