Saturday, April 25, 2015

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S1 E11
Did I tell you or did I tell you? Last week's episode was probably the best episode so far. I wasn't to crazy about the witch trial because I hate witch trials in general.They're based on religion and it's a bunch of crap. The only few things I liked about it was Gillis and Claire talking and, of course, the end result. It was revealed that Gillis does truly love Dougal and Claire calls out Jamie's name in her sleep. Usually that would be the big takeaway from the episode, but there was just so much shit that happened in the end that we have to go over it.

Gillis is from the future and we're talking about further than where Claire is from. I bet Gillis was a hippie. She has that hipster vibe going on. I have to admit I didn't even think someone else could have been from the future until I read a comment suggesting it and I definitely didn't think it was her when she seemed like she never has left Leoch. She believes all the superstitions. I guess she has every right to considering how she got to the past. All Claire had to do was give Gillis up as a witch, but she couldn't do that to her only friend and so both were condemned to death. However, Gillis claimed she's a witch by showing the mark of the devil, which was just her smallpox vaccine. Apparently she's also carrying the devils child and made Claire do her bidding. True friendship right there. We never see Gillis die and you know what that means folks. If you don't see the body, they could still be alive. Maybe Dougal grew some balls and actually did what Jamie had and saved his lover.

Claire and Jamie escape and Jamie knows Claire has the same "devil's mark" so he asks her if she truly is a witch. It's the moment we've all been waiting for folks. Claire just spills the beans on everything. I didn't expect this to happen so fast, and simultaneously, I was expecting the show to be over at the same time, thinking they would leave me hanging and save the good stuff for the next episode, but nope, we got to see this shit play out. Claire told Jamie everything about her past and how she got there. Jamie felt bad for disciplining her when all she was trying to do is get home and so he did what most people could not--he took her to the rocks to go home. Claire had a very difficult choice to make. Jamie or Frank? Jamie stayed near by that night just to make sure Claire would be safe. Claire woke him up and told him they should go home. If that's not love I don't know what is.

A lot of people commented on Claire's decision. Most were stating that Jamie is hot, but electricity and running water win every time. I would have to agree. I'm sorry Jamie, but I can't live without my internet. I was actually surprised when I realized Jamie and Claire haven't said those 3 words to each other yet and that's about to change in tonight's episode. Don't expect the episode to be as good as last week's but it will get you excited for next week. that's for sure.

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P.S. I'm so proud of Starz. I haven't seen one vagina yet and I don't mind seeing theme. I just don't think it's fair how shows show females' lower parts more often than males'. Starz can teach HBO a thing or two.

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